Windows 95 ISO Download, Features and Requirements

Microsoft released Windows 95 in 1995. It is a GUI-based operating system and the first OS of that time to be released as a part of the 9x series of Windows. Released in both 16 and 32-bit versions Windows 95 was based on Disk Operating System. Disk Operating System is a command-line operating system and is developed by Microsoft. Follow this guide in order to download Windows 95 ISO File.

Windows 95 ISO Download

Download Windows 95 ISO

Features of Windows 95

Windows 95 was redesigned keeping the basis of Windows 3.11 but introducing new elements and user interface. These features are so improvised that they are still being used even after decades of their invention and creation. These features include:

  • With Windows 95, the age-old feature of installation of new hardware for every application to be used was eliminated. Now every new device can be used by just plug and play method. 
  • Device manager is the unique utility that was introduced by the developers. Through this utility, all the devices that are connected to the system were identified. Also, any new updates, or installing new drivers for the new device was made simple without the use of a command-line interface.
  • The 32-bit computing environment was first introduced by Windows 95. This meant developing faster and quicker applications.
  • The registry utility for Windows 95 is efficient and is used up to the years. It includes two registry files that are simple and also can be easily backed up and edited.
  • The right-click mouse button was first introduced in Windows 95. The context menu of right click has great assistance in manipulating, writing, and editing the text.

System requirement for Windows 95 ISO

The system requirements of Windows 95 have taken up a major leap from its predecessors. It includes:

  • 386 DX personal computer. 486 DX is recommended.
  • The memory of 4 MB. However, 8 MB is recommended.
  • A hard disk space of 35 to 40 MB is required. But it may differ with the installation of features.
  • The Floppy disk drive is 1 * 3.5-inch high density.
  • The video resolution is VGA or one with a higher resolution.

Development of Windows 95 ISO

Windows 95 had lots of features and the same are continued until now in all the Windows operating system. Therefore, it is extensively marketed by Microsoft. Features such as the start button that when clicked opens the start menu and along with it also starts the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen.

Windows 95 was drastically updated and improvised as compared to the other older versions such as Windows 3.1. This includes:

  • Updates with regards to Graphical User Interface.
  • Instead of long processes for hardware driver installation, the devices can now be simply plugged and play.
  • The earlier versions of Windows predominantly had 16-bit architecture with cooperatively multitasked, while windows 95 had pre-emptively multi-tasked 32-bit architecture.

Windows 95 expired with the launch of several other Windows platforms such as Windows XP, Windows ME, or Windows 98.

User Interface of Windows 95 ISO

Though based on Windows 3.1, the design of Windows 98 had been completely new created around the metaphor as per the user’s work requirements. This kind of arrangement is called desktop and includes files, folders, such folders which can have files and folders in it, and also shortcuts to other apps and utilities. Since then desktop was used in every Windows operating system right from Windows 95, 8, and 10.

There is a lot of difference between the desktop of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. The very basic one that we can keep hands-on is that the desktop of Windows 3.1 had a display of all the icons of the applications that were currently in use. While in Windows 95 taskbar was issued. All the icons of the applications that were currently used were put up on the taskbar. This made it convenient for the user to navigate through the applications and do not have to navigate through the desktop. This taskbar also had a feature for displaying notifications on the right corner at the bottom in the notification area.

The start button on the taskbar in Windows 95 was one more unique attribute. It had a start menu that includes a drop-down list of all the applications that have been installed on the operating system. The major function of the start menu is to provide a shortcut to open the programs and documents in a shortcut. It is a kind of program manager for the hierarchy of applications. 

For opening and browsing the files in Windows 95, it had introduced Windows Explorer. As in the earlier versions, the explorer performed the same as the File manager. 

The structured language in Windows that was the new shell and a unique user interface was named Stimpy. The design heads Erik Gavriluk and Mark Malamud have created an iconic six-second start-up music for sound.

Internet Explorer 4 created a discretionary update for Windows Desktop. It gave entirely new updates and highlights for Internet Explorer. For example, an Active desktop was introduced so that internet substance can also be displayed in the work area. Also, extra updates were introduced for Windows explorer such as browsing through the website through typing the URL.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you still download Windows 95?

Yes, Windows 95 can still be downloaded as an operating system in the form of an application. Windows 95 can perform on macOS and Linux.

What is the OS version of Windows 95?

Windows 95 is from the Windows 9x family of operating systems. It is a consumer-oriented operating system and is the successor to Windows 3.1x.

Does Windows 95 need a product key?

When Windows 95 was first launched using the internet was very uncommon. Windows can be installed as many times as required, but every legal installation, it requires a unique product key for each and every installation.

Conclusion: Windows 95 ISO Free Download

Windows 95 was a breathtaking release by Microsoft and had not only become highly popular but was a turnaround dynamic for Microsoft. Windows 95 was the beginning of most of the properties and iconic features. Thus it has been the most popular and powerful operating system of the age.

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