Windows 2000 ISO Download and Installation Guide

Windows 2000 was introduced in the year 1999 December but it entered the market in February 2000. We have included the Windows 2000 ISO File Download and Installation in this post below.

About Windows 2000

Windows NT has launched a line of products with various features and specifications. Each operating system serves to meet the maximum extent of users’ requirements.  It has four variants that concentrate on four types of users.

The four variants of Windows 2000 ISO r as follows- 

  • Windows 2000 Professional ISO which was meant for professionals on their desk usage, 
  • Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server are designed for server applications.
  • The Windows 2000 Datacenter Server was developed for managing data centers at a high level.

Also, the Windows 2000 ISO supports two different kinds of file systems namely – the new technology file system 3.0 version and encrypting file system. 

windows 2000 iso file download

Download Windows 2000 ISO File


Features of Windows 2000

The Windows 2000 ISO has various special features and meets the requirements of different kinds of users. Its unique feature is a dial-up connection. Also has an Auto dialing option directly to the managers and can provide remote access to the user. So that the users can connect with managers irrespective of time and location. It also supports various platforms like- MSMQ 2.0, smart card, COM+, dynamic DNS server, TAOI 3.0 IPSEC, etc. Some other interesting features of the Windows 2000 ISO server are as follows- 

  • It is a user-friendly and eye-catching interface.
  • It is an advanced server variant of Windows 2000 ISO.
  • It has an inbuilt dialogue connection which is supported by RRAS.
  • Location management can be done through the Auto dial connection feature.
  • It is specially designed for both server and client computers.
  • The Windows Media player is also an interesting feature in the 2000 ISO version.
  • It has some built-in options like net framework, CD and DVD ports, search engine Internet Explorer 5, etc makes it more convenient to the user.
  • It is good at providing security and time-based services when compared to all the previous versions of Windows NT’s line of products.
  • It also supports two types of file systems which provide remote access, root access, and transparent maintenance of data security.

Basic requirements for downloading and installing Windows 2000 ISO File

The Microsoft company suggests a few basic requirements for the system to download Windows 2000 ISO easily into the system. They are- 

  • A Pentium-based CPU is necessary to download the Windows 2000 ISO. Also, the CPU must have more than 133 megahertz clock speeds.
  • Another requirement is 64 megabytes of Ram. The memory can be extended to 4 GB as the increase in memory will improve the performance.
  • A 2GB hard disk is required, among the 650 MB space that can be occupied by the Windows 2000 ISO software. If the user needs to install it for LAN, it may require an extra hard disk.

How to Download and install Windows 2000 .ISO

To download and install the complete setup of Windows 2000 is for, the user needs to follow a set of sequential steps. The initial step for the process is to download the Windows 2000 ISO software free of cost from a reliable source. After downloading the Windows 2000 ISO software into the system, the user needs to start the installation and set up a process as follows- 

  • Initially, the user needs to run the Oracle VM and click on the new button.
  • This step creates a new version of VM. So give a name to that version and click on the next button to proceed further.
  • While the installation process of Windows 2000 ISO is going on, users need to check the Ram size should have a minimum of 1GB memory-free space.
  • Now click on the create virtual hard disk option and then click on the create option. Then a new virtual hard disk will be created. The file type for this hard disk should be a virtual box disc image.
  • As we know that the increase in memory will improve the performance, the virtual hard disk can be stored in a configured HDD to get better performance.
  • Creating a virtual hard disk for a virtual machine was about to complete in a few minutes based on the speed of the system.
  • By giving a right-click, select the settings option and then add an ISO image to the virtual machine.
  • Select the setting option on the left side of the virtual machine and then clear the space and select a CD or DVD option to save the ISO image.
  • After adding an image, close all the pop-up windows and click on the run option for processing the installation and setting up the Windows 2000 ISO server.
  • Follow the steps as directed by the system to install Windows 2000 iso. It seeks various permissions like F8 to accept license agreement and C to create partition etc.
  • After following all the directions of the system, the user can complete installing and setting up Windows 2020 ISO successfully.

These are the steps involved in downloading and installing the Windows 2000 ISO into the user’s system to provide various services.


What is NTFS?

NTFS stands for New Technology File System. It was introduced as a file management system used for storing as well as accessing files in the Windows NT lineup of operating systems. It also has various generations like NTFS 3.0, NTFS 2.0, etc. The Windows 2000 ISO uses its third generation which is NTFS 3.0. 

Explain about EFS?

EFS stands for Encrypting File System. It is used at the level of encryption that Microsoft Windows 2000 provides. It is a security-oriented file system that helps to protect the organization’s data from hackers and malicious software it always encrypts the whole content transparently which gives a hh-end security. 

When was Windows 2000 discontinued?

With the introduction of Windows XP, the usage of windows 2000 was reduced slowly. It was completely ended, especially the mainstream in 2005. Windows XP is the successor of Windows 2000.

Conclusion: Windows 2000 ISO Download

Thus the Windows 2000 server is a user-friendly interface with cool and interesting features and strives to meet different kinds of users with different variance. As it is supported by two types of file systems, it has more stability and security.

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