Top Free Sound Booster for Windows 10 & 11

Check out the best Free Sound Boosters for Windows 10 & 11!

Good music calms you down, and nothing beats an amplified quality with an incredible booster and equalizer that reads your mood and understands your needs. A series of such apps are available to help you enjoy the morning playlist or binge-watch your favorite movies. You badly need an accessible sound booster for Windows 10 to make your favorite songs sound clearer and possibly precisely how you want them to. These music boosters are classified into two types: system volume boosters and media players. The System Volume Booster program can improve the system’s overall sound, allowing you to hear better audio regardless of which media players you use to listen to music. On the other hand, players can only enhance the sound of the audio files that they are playing.

These free sound boosters use various tools to improve sound quality, such as Equalizers, Pre-Amplifiers, Volume Controllers, and so on. These tools are effective at increasing volume, but they can also distort good quality. So, use these tools with caution, especially the equalizer, as it can completely change various audio parameters such as treble, bass, voice, and so on, and introduce noise in the audio.

Some of the most exciting features of free sound boosters for Windows 10 are VR support, 360-degree player, online radio, online video player, media downloader, audio editors, and so on.

free sound booster for windows 10

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Free Sound Booster for Windows 10 & 11

Here is a list of the top free Sound Boosters for Windows that can help you improve your musical enjoyment by giving you control over the enhancement of audio and video sound.

1. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is a free restricted/visual equalizer for Windows that can be used to improve the sound quality of your computer’s audio. 


It can be used to change audio parameters such as pitch, treble, bass, audio boost, and so on. It is compatible with all media players and improves overall system sound. This free audio booster software provides plenty of options and settings for modifying audio, making it both extensive and complex.

Equalizer APO has a limitless amount of filters and also operates on several channels. Equalizer APO works with Voice Meeter and Peace Interface as well. This compatibility is helpful since the equalizer parameters are used as raw applications, and you need a Peace Interface to redefine the interface. It has a slew of features to keep your PC in good shape. It is gentle on your CPU and has low latency. It also has a friendly user interface and a modular graphic interface. It is the best free PC sound booster for Windows PCs. 


  • Download the Windows version of the Equalizer APO setup (32 or 64 bit).
  • Run the installation program and follow the commands. If you do not use the default C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO, please remember your installation path. From here on, the default path is presumed to be used for better readability.
  • The software Configurator.exe will be running during the installation process. Ensure the proper audio to install the APO is selected.
  • You can rerun the program from the C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\Configurator.exe file when you need to install the APO on other audio devices later.
  • You should allow your system to reboot after the installation has been completed.
  • The Equalizer APO should be active when the system is rebooted.

2. Viper4Windows

In the field of the most excellent free PC sound enhancers, Viper4Windows is another name. It ensures a free sound booster for Windows 10 as part of this list.


 It is packed in this classic app because of its various capabilities. The parameters include audio density, bandwidth, and more. However, you will need further effort to set up this application, but it will be worth it.

Viper4Windows is designed to increase the quality of sound on headphones, onboard or outside speakers. You can improve audio and make internet radio sounds, movies, video games, and sounds better. This free utility can also be used to increase the loudness over the maximum limit of your gear.


  • Begin by downloading the official Viper4Windows Setup, which can be found here.
  • First, install ViPER4Windows. Right-click V4W Setup.exe and select “Run as administrator.”
  • Download the Windows 10 configuration file found here to ensure that this product works on your Windows 10. Please unzip this file.
  • Execute the ‘v4w-patcher.bat’ file from the Unzipped file.
  • Restart your computer and enjoy your new Windows 10 equalizer.

3. DFX Audio Enhancer

The DFX Audio enhancer is another excellent sound booster for Windows 10.DFX Audio Enhancer is a fantastic application that enhances a computer’s sound quality with various impressive features such as 3D Surround sound, higher fidelity, booming bass, and dynamic gain boosting, among others.


The software includes some notable effects, such as reverb, vibrato, chorus, equalize, and amplify. The software can be used to remove sound distortions from audio clips. It’s time to enjoy amazing sound by reducing unwanted noise with its low and high pass filters. If you’re familiar with sound technology, you can combine various effects for some breathtaking results. DFX Audio Enhancer has an easy-to-use interface, so even if you’re using it for the first time, you’ll be able to use it quickly. It includes Harmonic Fidelity Restoration, which will help in a variety of ways. 


  • Open any Web browser and get the DFX Audio Enhancer installation file from the trusted download button.
  • To download the program, choose Save or Save as. During the download, most antivirus programs will scan the program for viruses.
  • Selecting Save saves the program file in your Downloads folder.
  • Alternatively, if you choose Save, you can specify a location for the file, such as your desktop.
  • Once the DFX Audio Enhancer download is complete, double-click the.exe file to begin the installation process.
  • Then, until the installation of Windows is complete, follow the instructions that appear.
  • The DFX Audio Enhancer icon should now appear on your desktop.
  • Click on the icon and run the application.

4. LetaSoft Sound Booster

Another treasure that gives life to sound-dead audio files is the Letasoft Sound booster. Use this booster to magnify almost all sounds. Imagine in an online meeting, and the other person’s microphone has problems. This is the last location you would like to do lip-reading, and the Letasoft sound Browser will lead you down this road.


Letasoft Sound Booster is compatible with Windows series, 32 and 64 bit supports. The software serves as an additional amplifier so that your speakers can provide a strong sound. You can get up to 500{d469f710622a2e3f66a8052f6335cac9f773b39f869405504f1593d8991edcd7} loudness, which works smoothly with online software, web browsers, games, and the rest of the media players.

To utilize this, you need not be a tech genius. You will work on the volume control with a pop-up slider. This sound enhancer starts automatically.


  • Open your preferred Web browser and download the LetaSoft Sound Booster installation file from the reputable download link.
  • After installing, double-click the setup installer with your mouse, touchpad or screen to begin the installation.
  • When the confirmation question appears, click “Yes.”
  • Follow the instructions provided by the app for installation.
  • Most apps allow you to customize the installation but leave the default options alone if this is your first time.
  • Wait for the installation to finish, and then click the “Finish” button when you see the successful installation confirmation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use sound boosters?

Using, the volume booster for a short period is generally acceptable, and it will not harm your hardware in any way. 

2. How are sound boosters functioning?

In order to process your output audio stream before you reach the sound card’s input, Sound Booster works with each application in the system which plays sounds.

3. How can I make my volume louder than 100{d469f710622a2e3f66a8052f6335cac9f773b39f869405504f1593d8991edcd7} for Windows 10?

Right-click the sound control in the toolbar and select “Open Volume Mixer.” Click on the icon for the device you’re currently listening to. Navigate to the Enhancement tab and check the “Loudness Equalization” box. Click the Apply button.

4. How do I improve the performance of my sound card in Windows 10?

  • Click “Sounds” after right-clicking the speaker icon in your taskbar tray.
  • Navigate to the Playback tab.
  • Double-click the playback device whose settings you want to change.
  • Navigate to the Enhancements tab.
  • Now, select the type of sound enhancement you want, such as Virtual Surround or Loudness Equalization.

5. What is Windows 10’s most outstanding sound booster?

A few of the top free sound boosters for Windows 10 are DFX Audio Enhancer, Viper4Windows, Equalizer APO, and Letasoft Sound Booster.

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