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MX Player APK is one of the best Android Players. Get it for free for your Android devices. Everyone is fond of watching videos on their PC and mobile phones. However, a problem arises when you are not able to get a smooth play from your default video player. For such purpose, we suggest you the best media player which is available on the Internet for free, MX Player. It is undoubtedly the most amazing video player for Android users. The thing which makes it special is that MX player downloading doesn’t involve any in-app purchase. Moreover, the MX player apk is readily available, so there is nothing hard in getting it installed on your Android phone.

From the past few years, MX Player has made a name for themselves in the market becoming a top tier company and getting famous among users from different parts of the world. Currently, it has more than 500 million downloads in its name and is also considered an Editor’s choice. Also, ranks #1 in top free video players & editors. However, there are some issues when it comes to understanding the features of the MX player and the things it can do.

This article covers various aspects of MX Player alongside different features, requirements, download links, and frequently asked questions. Read every word properly and you would not find any difficulty in downloading and installing the MX player app on your Android phone after reading this post.

mx player apk

Download MX Player APK

There are different ways to download MX Player APK. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store as it is available there for free. However, sometimes there are some storage issues that make it not possible to download anything from Play Store. For such purpose, we have provided the link to the MX player app download free. Also, the steps have been given further to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the downloading and installation procedure.


There are a few requirements for the purpose of installing and downloading an MX player on your Android phone and they are given below.

• Every Android phone which has an Android 2.1 or above is compatible with MX Player.

• To tackle the minimal graphic requirements any GPU from the last few years will work.

• 1.5 GB of RAM is required for the smooth experience.

• 20 MB of free space in the internal storage is needed to install it successfully.

• To avoid any kind of interruption in the process, a stable internet connection is required.

• We recommend you to keep at least 70{d469f710622a2e3f66a8052f6335cac9f773b39f869405504f1593d8991edcd7} battery charge to fully complete the process.

If you fulfill every mentioned requirement, then you are ready to go for the further steps.

Features of MX Player App

There are various features of MX Player which makes it the best media player in the world. To date, there is no other media player that matches the level of MX Player because of its outstanding features which makes it one of a kind. Without any further ado, let’s read about the features of MX Player.

• MX Player allows you to play almost every type of video files on your Android phone including .3gp .avi .divx, .f4v .flv .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mov .vob .wmv .webm and many more.

• With the help of HW+ decoder, advanced hardware-accelerated decoding is possible.

• Fingers can be used to change the playback speed of the file by moving them up or down.

• Switching audio track is possible and can be changed dynamically.

• It offers different decoding modes including HW, HW+, SW decoder.

• For a smooth experience, it is always preferable to use advanced hardware-accelerated decoders i.e. HW and HW+ decoder. Also, it makes the app to be better efficient.

• Changing decoding mode is easy on MX Player. While playing a video, click on the SW/HW button on the screen to switch to either decoder.

• Various control options over playback such as move forward and backward. A-B repeat is also possible.

• You can also adjust the aspect ratio of your screen.

• SW Decoder allows deinterlacing to the users.

• Several keyboard shortcuts are available. Press Space to pause and resume. DPAD Left / Right to move backward or forward. Numerous other menu shortcuts.

• With the latest update, it displays previews while seeking to either side, backward, or forward.

• It is better to disable HTTP/HTTPS video link handling to avoid any kind of unwanted video play whenever a video link is displayed on a web browser.

• An easy user interface with the folder list displaying only those folders which contain videos.

• Subtitle is attached to the video file on its own if the subtitle file is located in the same folder as of video file.

• For a better experience, it displays the recently played video in a different color which highlights it.

• Also, video resumes from the exact point where you left. It will ask you to continue watching or restart it from the beginning.

• Very helpful online subtitle finding. It supports different type of subtitle files including .txt .vtt .pjs .sub .idx .srt .asa

• There are multiple themes to select from for your MX Player app.

• Search option is also available to let the users look for a movie/film out of a bunch of files and folders.

How to install and use

There are numerous steps involved in this process. For the convenience of our readers, we have provided a detailed guide regarding the installation and download of the app. Follow the steps given below as they are mentioned with full care to make sure that there is no interruption.

Step #1. Open the web browser, better if you use Google Chrome, and search for MX Player apk.

Step #2. Download the file from the given link and save it in your file manager.

Step #3. Open the folder where the apk file is stored and click on the install button. It will begin the installation procedure.

Step #4. The process will undergo a few minutes depending upon the condition of your phone.

Once the installation is completed, you are ready to go. Now you can enjoy different video files on your phone without any worry and any kind of glitch.


• What’s the main difference between the free version and pro version of MX Player?

Most of the features of the two are identical but some features are exclusive to the pro version of MX Player. In the future, more features must be added to the MX Player Pro.

• I have MX Player old version, how do I get the new version?

You can download the latest version of the MX Player apps from our website. We provide the app for free to our users.

• Which codec is best for my smartphone?

It depends on the Android phone you are using currently. You can check this by following the path of Settings > Decoder > General.

• How to use a codec package on MX Player?

There is no manual mode to use it and it will play automatically on your MX Player.

• What’s the size of the app and how much space is required?

According to the latest version of MX Player, it needs up to 20 MB of internal storage. By default, it cannot be installed on the memory card or external storage.

• How can I hide advertisements?

The only way to hide advertisements is to switch to the pro version of the MX Player.

• From where can I download MX Player pro apk for free?

You can download the pro version of MX Player for free from our website. We provide it for free to our readers.

• “Signature mismatch” appears on screen while installing an MX player. What should I do?

It only happens when you have some cracked apps on your Android phone. Try uninstalling such apps before proceeding to the MX player downloading.

• How do I use kids’ locks?

You can use kids lock by following the given path: Playback screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Control > Lock mode > Kids lock.

• Some files are not displayed in the list of MX player. What should I do?

Try copying these files to your SD card as MX Player only plays those videos which are there in the SD Card. So pasting these files on the SD card will solve the issue.

• How can I remove the files which appear twice in the list?

This issue can be fixed easily by you excluding ‘/mnt/media_rw’ on Settings > List > Folders.

• How can I make MX Player my default media player?

Open a video from your file browser and it will launch a video player selection pop-up. Click on MX Player and tick on “Use by default for this action.”

Conclusion: MX Player Download Free

There is no other app that reaches the level of brilliance attained by MX Player. It is simply the best in the business and we have covered every bit of its details in this post. I hope, we are clear with the information provided by us on this page. However, if there any kind of issues arriving while undergoing any step then we are here to help you out. Feel free to comment regarding any queries or ask questions in the comments section given below. We would be glad to help you out with any sort of problem.

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