Mac OS X v10.11 El Capitan Download DMG and Installation

You can try older versions of macOS such as macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, macOS El Capitan, etc. Mac OS El Capitan is believed to be the advanced version of Mac and is also the stable version of Operating System X. Check below for El Capitan Download DMG/ISO and Installation.

mac os x el capitan download

El Capitan Download DMG

DMG File

About Mac OS X EL Capitan v10.11

The Mac OS X El Capitan includes a variety of abilities for work. El Capitan has been one of the most reliable updates of the operating system. Along with the latest features this operating system had also ensured performance, compatibility, stability, and security. With so many updates, macOS El Capitan is a really powerful version of Apple’s OS.

Features of macOS El Capitan

It includes updated components, fixes for the mailbox, improvements in system font, spotlight search, mail sending problem, split-screen view, control window manager.

Once the macOS El Capitan is installed, all the features of the operating system are ready to be used. Even the new updates can be accessed such as performance, the utility of OS, excel adaptability, improvement for audio plugins, voice-over security, improvements for Notes, Safari, Maps. Also, around 150 new emoji are introduced. 

Besides, there are other Mac features also such as Safari, Photo, and many more. 

System Requirements

El Capitan can run and be installed on all the Mac computers that have Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion. Computers that have at least 2 GB RAM can run the El Capitan:

  • 2008 and above MacBook Late.
  • 2008 and above MacBook Air.
  • Mid 2007 and above MacBook Pro.
  • Early 2009 MacMini and above.
  • Mid 2007 iMac and above.
  • Early 2008 Mac Pro and above.
  • Early 2009 Xserve.

Installation of Mac OS El Capitan

There are two methods for installation of Mac OS El Capitan, namely default method or upgrade method and clean install. Both of the processes are very simple and easy to perform:

1. Upgrade Install

  • Browse through the App store.
  • Search for OS El Capitan Page that you can also find here.
  • Tap on the Download button.
  • The instructions are displayed on the screen for installation to upgrade the Operating System.
  • The users that do not have Broadband access, can also upgrade the OS through the local Apple store.

2. Clean Install

Before starting the installation through this method, first, grab a bootable version of the OS El Capitan installer. Once this is done then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Insert the device in the drive containing the OS El Capitan installer.
  • Restart the system while you are holding the option key.
  • Select only that device that has the installer file so when the system restarts it gets booted from the device that has the installer.
  • After this, you will have to erase the older version. For that click on the disk utility and then tap on the continue button.
  • Once the disk utility gets started, then select the volume that has to be erased. Then follow the instructions to format the selected drive.
  • After the startup volume is deleted, then you can easily start the installation of OS El Capitan.
  • Select the install OS from the utility window and tap on the Continue button. 
  • Within a couple of minutes, the installation process will be completed.

Performing Clean Installation

  • In the utility window for installation, tap on the Continue button.
  • Terms & conditions would appear on the screen, agree for the same.
  • The user would have to select the target disk.
  • After this click on the install option.
  • It will ask for an administrative password. Enter the same and click on OK.
  • With this, the installer would create duplicate files and restart the system.
  • The time clock would run on the progress bar.
  • The system would restart once the installation is completed.
  • For setting up the Mac OS El Capitan, you will have to follow further instructions.

Setting up the Mac OS El Capitan

  • Create the Keyboard Layout and enable location service.
  • After confirming the agreement and terms, create a computer account.
  • Select the Time Zone and the setup procedure is completed.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I download Mac OS El Capitan?

The download and installation files for the OS are available on the internet. It can be easily downloaded from there.

Where can I download the El Capitan installer?

The El Capitan installer can be downloaded to the Applications Folder. If the user wants to create a bootable installer, you can redownload it from Apple.

Conclusion: Mac OS X El Capitan Download

Mac users love the OS El Capitan as it is very useful as well as a means for unsupported Macs. It is also beneficial for Windows 7 users. This OS is fast and easy and does not require resources such as disk space, and power in high volume.

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