Best Karaoke Software for Windows PC and Mac

Karaoke is a great source of entertainment. It just plays the music in the background and people have to sing the lyrics of the song themselves. Karaoke Apps works as a great stress buster. It is also a great showcase of your talent. Karaoke is a Japanese world and naturally its culture has been developed in Japan. Over the period, there have been various Karaoke Softwares that have been made available over phones as well as computers. If we talk about PC, the number is larger and has kept on increasing over time.

Karaoke softwares for PC and mac

Here are some of the Best Karaoke Softwares for PC:

  1. One Karaoke 

This application is specifically designed for PCs and is fairly simple to use as well. You don’t have to worry about the format of the file as it works with almost every format such as AVI, WMA, MP3 etc. It can work with wired as well as wireless. It means that you can use the microphone as well as keywords on One Karaoke. This app is easily available on Microsoft Store. One Karaoke is free of cost and is packed with a load of features. 

  1. Siglos Karaoke Professional

It is the product of Power Karaoke which offers a great range of karaoke. This one is a fairly simple use as well. It comes with a dual-screen display. With Siglos Karaoke Professional, you can add your playlist. Although it comes for $100, it is pretty much value for money considering its vast features. You can easily control the pitch and the singer rotation is featured on it time and again. 

  1. Just Karaoke 2

It is a digital karaoke software. Just Karaoke 2 is super simple as well as having a great user interface. It comes with a dual-screen display as well. You can easily search for the song that you want to sing. The music and its beats are available in fine quality and it would seem like you’re recording it in a studio while listening to the background. There are about 5,000 songs to choose from which gives you a variety of tracks. Its trial version is available for free but once it expires, you are required to buy it for $49.95. 

  1. Aria

Another of the popular karaoke, or the hardcore lovers of karaoke. No matter what sort of song you would like to sing, if it is popular then it is surely going to appear on Aria and give a chance for you to replicate its magic. This software is available for PCs as well as Mac. It is better suited for Mac but Aria works significantly well on computers too. There’s a 14 day trial period and if you love the application, pay the price and get Aria for an indefinite period. 

  1. Walaoke

This is one of the Karaoke that has got a wide variety of features yet is completely free at the same point in time. Walaoke also displays the lyrics for you which is like going one step ahead of the other apps. So in case you forget the lyrics of the songs in between, the app is going to remind you of itself. This one’s made specifically for PCs and does not work on any other operating system. Furthermore, it also gives you an option to play CD or DVD and you can save the channels and numbers for use in the future period. 

  1. Okeke

This is meant for Windows versions only and it is open-source software. Just like Walaoke, OkeOke can be downloaded for free as well. You can store the data from OkeOke to the local drive pretty easily. With just a keyword search, you will get several songs related to the term. The remote control access for choice of songs is one of the rarest features to have come in karaoke software. If you like the quality of the song and you want to share your experience with others, you can save it to an external hard disk and then the job becomes easier to share it on social media. 

  1. Karaoke 5

While most of the other names on this list are meant for users who know at least a little about karaoke, Karaoke 5 is suitable for first-time users as well. It supports both audios as well as video formats. It has a dual-screen display and a great mix control at the same point in time. If you want to use all its features and not just a limited bunch of them, you should buy it for an affordable price of $33 and enjoy yourselves. 


Q1: Is it fun to record songs with the help of karaoke on the PC? 

Yes, it is entertaining to record songs with the help of karaoke. If you are a fan of music and like to sing too, karaoke software is always going to help you in the best way. 

Q2: What is the best karaoke for PC? 

Aria, Karaoke 5, OkeOke Siglos Karaoke Professional are some of the best karaoke that makes it easy for you to do karaoke. 

Q3: Can I get karaoke software for free? 

Various applications are free of cost but if you want the best of the features without any limits, you should be buying quality karaoke software. 

Q4:- Do I get a refund if I don’t like the software and uninstall it? 

Once you pay the amount, it cannot be reverted. The only thing that can do is to not continue the payment for the next month once the plan expires. 

Conclusion: Karaoke Apps for PC 

Karaoke makes singing so much fun and with the best of them available for PC, you can always have a quality time singing. With features that are simple and can also be understood by children, this software becomes addictive and a great time pass for you. Everytime new version of the application arrives, it ups the game and the features of Karaoke software. All in all, karaoke is a great activity and the fact that it is available for PCs makes it more convenient to its lovers! 

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