How to use MX Player on your Windows PC

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There are various media players available on the web for the users to make use of them for free without spending a single buck. However, with a variety of choices, most of the time we have seen that a person gets confused about what to choose as his default media player. It has been ranked as the best media player for the mobile phone. However, a lot of users have asked for the best alternative for PC. The answer is simple and that is MX Player.

MX Player for pc makes no compromisation with its video as well as sound quality when it comes to PC. With the advancement in the MX player pc, it is not anymore limited to online Android phones. You can download MX Player for pc if you read the post word by word and pay full attention to the given steps. This article will cover every aspect related to MX player for Windows and you will be able to download & install it on your PC after reading it.

mx player for pc

We always need the best media player to play different types of files on our PC. MX Player is such an option which is gaining popularity in recent years. Even though there are hundreds of media players for PC but nothing can beat this app. Without any matter of doubt, MX Player is one of the best options to select from the numerous media players on the Internet.  However, due to the non-availability of the direct APK file for MX Player on PC, we have to compromise somewhere. It cannot run directly on the PC with a .exe file as there is no such file. Sites displaying such an APK file are not reliable.


Since there is no extension file of MX Player for pc, so for the purpose of playing video and sound files on MX Player via your computer, you need to go through the following requirements

You need an emulator which is suitable for your PC. An Android emulator is software that allows you to run Android apps on your PC.

We would highly recommend BlueStacks as it is currently the best Android emulator available on the web. However, there is no compulsion on using this emulator only. You can use any other emulator without any concern or second thought.

Features: MX Player for PC

• It plays different kind of video files which include the large variety of extension types such as .3gp, .avi, .divx, .f4v, .flv, .mkv, .mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .vob, .wmv, .webm, and many more.

• It offers advanced hardware-accelerated decoding with the help of an HW+ decoder.

• You can easily change the playback speed of the video whenever you want to by going through Menu > Play > Speed.

• You can change the audio track too in MX Player PC. Switching of these audio tracks is also possible.

• Multiple decoding modes to make decoder work smoothly such as HW, SW, and HW+.

• These decoders make the playback more efficient and smooth.

• Total control over the playback with different options to move forward/backward, previews while seeking, aspect ratio selection, and much more.

• Deinterlacing is also possible but only with SW decoder. Currently, it is not available for HW and HW+ decoders.

• Easy user list interface with separate folder lists and tags. Also, it displays the last watched video (currently playing video) with different colors to highlight it.

• There are different themes to select from, you can pick either theme and fit into your app.

How to install and use

After you have downloaded an Android emulator on your computer, follow the steps given below to install and MX player download for PC.

Step #1. Install the BlueStacks or any other Android emulator which you have already downloaded. For installing it, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Step #2. As soon as it is installed, open it. Say, you have downloaded BlueStacks, open BlueStacks.

Step #3. On the search tab in the Android emulator, type MX Player. You will notice that there will be no results regarding that.

Step #4. On the bottom-left part of the screen, there will be an option of “Search MX Player on Google Play.” Click on that.

Step #5. After clicking on that option, there will be a list of the searches. Click on the icon of MX Player and you will be directed to the installation page of MX Player for pc.

Step #6. Then, it’s simple. Follow the same procedure you carry on your Android phone while downloading any app from Google Play.

Step #7. It will take some time to install it on your PC depending upon your Internet speed and PC condition.

That’s it, now you can enjoy any video file and audio file on your computer via MX Player for Windows.


Question: Does MX Player supports WebM extension video files?

Answer: Yes, it supports .webm video files. In addition, there are various other types supported by MX Player

Question: Is there any APK file for downloading MX Player for PC?

Answer: No. There is no other way to install MX Player on your PC as there is no direct extension file of this application for Windows.

Question: What file types of subtitles do MX Player PC supports?

Answer: It supports various subtitles types: .ssa, .ass, .smi, .srt, .sub, .txt, .mpl, .pjs, .vtt

Question: Is text styling possible?

Answer: Yes. It supports Text styling and coloring script.

Question: How can I hide these advertisements?

Answer: For this thing, you have to turn your already existing MX Player to MX Player pro.

Conclusion: Download MX Player for PC

If you are satisfied with MX Player for PC, you can make it your default player to avoid any type of disturbance while selecting it every time manually. It doesn’t even hang on Windows, so it’s better to do so. Moreover, it is literally the best media player and the recent updates have enhanced its playback quality. If we compare it with any other player, we don’t think there is anything that can beat MX Player.

However, for any queries or questions, please feel free to ask them by commenting in the comments section given below.

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