How to install and use Dolphin Emulator on Android

As you know, Dolphin is a free and open-source video game console emulator. It was released back in 2003 for the very first time and has seen great success because of the advanced features it allows to the users. Since most people are using Android phones in this day and age, they might be curious to know how exactly can they download and use Dolphin on their Android systems. We are going to discuss both these aspects one by one. 

How to download and install Dolphin Emulator for Android

The download process is as simple as it can ever get. You might feel that you would be required to download the emulator from a third-party application but that’s not the case. You can log into your play store and search for Dolphin emulator. Its size is a mere 12.25 MB and it wouldn’t take you much time before it is installed on your system. You just need to have a good internet connection so that there’s no problem ahead for you. Once you have completed the download and the emulator is appearing on your home screen, there’s a chance for you to use it and take its benefits. 

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How to use Dolphin Emulator on Android

You have to pick on a particular game. It must be in zipping or RAR format in most cases. You have to extract the game with the use of any application like WinZip or anything in the same line. Once the extraction is completed, go back to the emulator that you had installed on your phone earlier. You have to add the games that you want to play through Dolphin Emulator. Sometimes, the version of the game might not be accepted by Dolphin and you will be required to download and install the same application all over again. 

When you first open the app, there’s a plus sign available on the home screen of Dolphin Emulator. By clicking on the sign, you will be extracting the applications on the emulator. The ISO file is available to run after this and all it requires is you to click for the game to run. Now you might feel that once the game is running, there’s no further activity to be done to make your gaming experience more efficient. But you are just halfway done yet and it would require you some more effort to get the job done completely. The controls are needed to be adjusted as per your will. The game will be loading at a rather slower speed which you would like to enhance for sure. To fix all these issues, go to the settings of the emulator. You need to check on the dual-core CPU as it would increase the speed of the game and get it to normal so that you don’t face any problems while running it. 

You need to set the controls as well. It is easier for you to set up the controls if it is just a single player. In case you are multiple players, it would take you a longer period. It should be made sure that one key is not repeated for the controls of both players as it can lead to terrible miscues in the middle of the game. So take your time before setting up the control. Once you set it up nicely, there’s the only enjoyment in the further moments as you wouldn’t be required to go to the control settings all over again. 

You will also be required to configure the graphics settings. There are various options available in the graphics settings such as Video backends, Show FPS, Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic filtering, and so on. All these features are supposed to change a lot regarding your graphics. If your graphics are terrible while playing the game, it is not a quality experience since that’s the thing you want the most in your emulator. So keep changing the graphics unless you reach the desired point and there’s no trouble in doing so. In case you go too far with the configuration somewhere, revert to the settings and get it back to normal. When you keep doing so time and again, you will get used to the process of setting up the dolphin emulator. It is pretty simple to use! 


Question #1: When was Dolphin Emulator available for the first time on the internet? 

The software was first released way back in 2003. During that period, it was available strictly for PC as there was no Android system back in the day. As the new operating systems have developed, it is available for all of them since all gamers love it and find it very useful in their gaming experience. 

Question #2: What are the problems when you first use Dolphin Emulator? 

The basic and the only problem would be setting it up. Dolphin emulator comes with its factory settings which might not work with every device so you will have to change it anyway. When it comes to controls, it will take you some time before completely setting it up and making its use. 

Question #3: How much time does it take to set up Dolphin Emulator? 

It depends on you. If you want to just set the controls and you are happy with other settings, it will take you less time. But if you want to change the graphics or other settings, it will naturally take you more time. 

Question #4: Is Dolphin Emulator available for free and what’s its size? 

Dolphin Emulator is completely free of cost no matter if you want to download it for your PC or your phone. Its size is a mere 13 MB so it wouldn’t take you more than a minute before the download is completed and the emulator is ready for use. 

Conclusion: Dolphin Emulator for Android

Dolphin emulator works significantly well on the PC but adjustments have been made for the Android systems as well. Its setting up process takes a good amount of time but it yields great results and smoothens your gaming experience! 

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