GTA 5 APK Download for Android + OBB Data (Working in 2023)

Download GTA 5 APK for Android Free! No Verification needed and 100{dcf5bb419827d46a38466591456099c714689fcb93db55c43c952f2bf14e99fc} Working!

GTA 5 has to be one of the most hyped games in the world right now. As you would know, all the games coming from the GTA franchise have made a huge mark in the market. GTA 5 has gone a level above as it’s coming with the most advanced features and visuals that are stunning. While the game is meant for PlayStation platforms, you also have a chance to play it on your Android device. You can download GTA 5 APK to your Android phone and start enjoying a gaming experience that’s one of a kind. 

Set around the city of Lost Santos in the state of San Andreas, GTA V for mobile is going to send you on a thrilling ride. There’s a proper story that has been followed after GTA IV. You will have several missions to complete here. If you’re someone who enjoys playing games on Android instead of PlayStation, GTA 5 APK will be a great solution for the cause. You can sit back and relax while going through the missions in the game. Since the scale of this game is huge, you will see some intrinsic details in the graphics as well.  To sum it up, if you have played GTA games before, it is the daddy of the whole franchise. Initially built for PlayStation platforms, you have a chance to play it on Android too thanks to the development of GTA 5 APK. 

GTA 5 APK Download for Android

Download GTA 5 APK


Requirements To Download And Use GTA 5 APK 

Although GTA V has been made available for Android phones, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to run it on any given device. It is a game that comes with seriously detailed graphics and a wide map. You will have to use an expensive Android device to run this application on your phone. Here are some essential requirements to use it on your Android phone: 

  • First things first, you will have to think about a mod here. Since the game is not readily available for Android devices, you will have to think about a mod first to download and install GTA 5 APK. The recommended mod would be Minecraft Mod APK. 
  • You need to have RAM of 4GB. If it’s above 4GB, the chances of running the game smoothly will be higher. You wouldn’t have to tone down the graphics to use the game as long as you’re using a device with 4GB+ RAM. 
  • The processor should be at least 2 cores. Using a great processor is as important as having quality RAM. 

As long as you’re fulfilling these requirements, you can download GTA 5 APK and start using this application to have amazing fun on your device. 

GTA 5 APK Download Latest Version for Android

Features Of GTA 5 APK 

As you know, GTA 5 comes with a bunch of amazing features. The number of missions has increased this time around and so has the scale of the game. We will take a look at the features specifically designed for GTA 5 APK: 

  • Realistic 

The best part about downloading GTA 5 APK to your device is that you will get realistic graphics. It will seem like you’ve entered a real world instead of a virtual world. While the experience is smoother on the big screen, you will have a great time playing this game on your Android phone as well. The graphics are going to have an impact on your gaming experience all the time. This is the day and age when people expect grand graphics from all the games that they play. When you download GTA 5 APK to your Android device, you get the experience that you always expected from a game of this calibre. You can immerse yourself into a world that’s not real but seems real. 

  • Vehicle Driving Control 

One of the major advantages of playing GTA is that you can drive all kinds of vehicles in it. The city is too big and you can drive through it and enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you’re not in the mood to take the missions, you have a chance to enjoy yourself by driving the vehicles. If you thought driving vehicles was smooth in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, you haven’t gotten in touch with GTA V already. When you download GTA 5 APK to your device, you will be offered a game that’s going to provide you with great vehicle driving control. You can try driving the vehicles once for fun and the experience will never get old. 

  • HD Graphics 

The graphics of GTA V are top-notch. As long as you’re using a mobile phone with decent specifications, you will be able to enjoy the graphics to a great extent once you download GTA 5 APK to your device. As long as the visual experience in a game is good, the rest of the things fall in place on their own. Considering that the game is coming from the GTA franchise, you’re almost certain that you will have some amazing missions to complete in this game. Would you like to enjoy amazing graphics with thrilling missions? Download GTA 5 APK to your device and we are sure that there would be no reason to complain about anything at all. 

  • Great Gaming Control 

Another reason to prefer GTA 5 APK on your Android device is that it offers you amazing gaming control. You don’t want to play a game that’s stiff to play. In case you like playing a particular game early on, it will be a matter of time until you will get sick of it if it doesn’t provide you with quality gaming control. If you want to have a long run with any game, the controls must be extremely slick in the long run as well. When you play games on your Android phone, the control is anyway going to be dampened. When you download GTA 5 APK to your device, all these things don’t matter at all. The game provides you great gaming control which adds to the overall quality experience. 

  • Amazing Missions 

Various games come with a big scale and great gaming controls. So why has GTA V become such a range in the gaming market that’s unstoppable even till today? It is because of the amazing missions that it provides to you. As we have discussed already, the scale of the game has only gone beyond GTA V. You will be able to go through more exciting missions that are bound to send you on an adrenaline rush. Do you desire to play a game that provides thrilling missions to you over some time? Download GTA 5 APK to your device and you will have a fantastic experience for months.  

How to Install GTA 5 APK on your Android Device

  • You will be required to download the application first and allow the applications to be installed from unknown sources. 
  • Once you’re done with the download, you can agree to all the terms & conditions and install the application safely. 
  • Now you have to download the data file to your device as well. To do so, you will be required to download The ES File Explorer App first. It is this application where you will be required to extract the data file. 
  • The next thing to do is to go to the download folder in ES File Explorer and find the zip file with the name “”. 
  • Now you need to extract this Zip file to Android into OBB. In case there’s no folder named “OBB” on your device, you can create the folder on your own and paste the extracted file there. 

It’s all done, you’re ready to play GTA V on your device after going through all these steps. 


Q1: Can GTA 5 APK be played on any given Android device? 

GTA V comes with HD graphics for you. You wouldn’t be able to play it on any Android device. You will have to look forward to a really expensive device with RAM of at least 4GB and a processor worth 2 core. As long as you fulfil these two requirements, the application will smoothly run on your device. 

Q2: Will GTA 5 APK be a toned-down version of the actual GTA V game? 

No, it wouldn’t be toned down at all. GTA 5 APK is going to work in the same manner as you expect from it. As long as you’re fulfilling the requirements of the game, you wouldn’t have to tone down the graphics either. Play the game as per your desires and you’re bound to have a fantastic experience. 

Q3: Do I need to download an emulator to play GTA V on my Android device? 

No, you will have to download the GTA 5 APK along with its data file. Once you save the data file into OBB, it is ready for use. 

Conclusion: GTA 5 APK Download Latest Version for Android

In case you desire to play GTA V on your Android phone, GTA 5 APK will find great use. It will provide you with the same level of graphics, missions and everything that you expect from GTA V but on a small screen! 

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