Google Indic Keyboard for PC: Download for Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

Learn how to download Google Indic Keyboard for PC and run it on your Windows device for free!

Google Indic Keyboard is developed by Google LLC. The size of the app is 23.5 MB, the latest version available is 3.2.6. You can download the Google Indic Keyboard app from the Play store. This application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and above. The app was launched in 2013, and there are more than 100+ million users of this app. Google Indic Keyboard for PC is compatible with Mac, Android, and Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Google Indic Keyboard app is free of cost and ensures the safety of private data.

google indic keyboard for windows 7 8 10 11

Download Google Indic Keyboard for PC

How to Install Google Indic Keyboard for Windows 7 and above

  • Open your browser – Google Chrome or any other hunt engine.
  • The official version of the Google Indic Keyboard for PC is available on an Android emulator.
  • Click the download button and save the zip file on your PC.
  • In the zip file, there will be two files – LDplayer Installer and Google Indic keyboard APK file.
  • Double click on each file and complete the download process of the Google Indic Keyboard APK file and LD player.
  • On your PC search bar – type in -Google Indic Keyboard icon and click on the install button.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to see the open button on your screen.
  • Open the application and click the start button on your PC. Enjoy the ultimate features of the Google Indic keyboard application to do your work easily and enjoy typing in your native language.

The installation process of Google Indic Keyboard for MacOS

  • Download the APK—file of Google Indic Keyboard.
  • Drop and drag the Google Indic Keyboard APK. File into the emulator for installation on your mac book.
  • You will be able to see the app flashing on the pop-up screen.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use the Google Indic Keyboard on your Mac and enjoy the app’s features uninterrupted. 

Features of Google Indic Keyboard

  • The Google Indic Keyboard for PC is compatible with windows and Andriod.
  • The app is straightforward to Install and Use, and it doesn’t need much space on your PC.
  • The Google Indic Keyboard allows you to type in your mother tongue/ Native Language.
  • Google Indic Keyboard for PC supports many languages and facilitates hassle-free communication and typing.
  • The app supports 60 Layouts, and 23 languages include local and international languages like – Kannada, Oriya, Nepali, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, English, Kashmiri, Malayalam, and others. 
  • You can type the text and convert your message into any language.
  • Google Indic Keyboard gives provision to various modes for your computer like – Native language, Hinglish, Transliteration, and Handwriting.
  • Google Indic has the variant of swipe typing, gesture typing, and Glide Typing.
  • The emulator will help to choose your desired language and change accordingly when needed.
  • There are many other features in the app. You can explore after installation.


  • How safe is Google Indic Keyboard for PC? 

Google Indic Keyboard for PC app doesn’t store or gather any data from your system. It is safe to use.

  • Does the Google Indic keyboard work on my phone?

Yes, Google Indic Keyboard is compatible with all Android Phones.

  • Languages supported by Google Indic Keyboard?

Google Indic Keyboard for PC supports multiple languages – Kannada, Tamil, Gujarathi, Marathi, Telugu, English, Sanskrit, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic, Santali, Manipuri,  Kashmiri, Bengali, Assamese. It also supports – Local and International languages.

  • In which year Google Indic Keyboard was launched?

The app was launched by Google in the year 2013.

  • What is the version available?

The latest version of Google Indic Keyboard is the 3.2.6 version.

  • Is Google Indic is compatible with Windows?

Google Indic Keyboard supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10.

  • Can I use the Google Indic keyboard on my Macbook?

Yes, Google Indic Keyboard supports Mac.

  • Where I can find the Google Indic Keyboard for Download?

Google Indic Keyboard is available on Google play store, Direct Download, and F-Droid for download.

  • Can I Swipe type In Google Indic Keyboard?

Yes, Google Indic Keyboard has the option of Gesture typing, Glide Typing, and Swipe typing.

  • Is the Google Indic Keyboard is a free app?

Yes, the Google Indic app is free of cost and available to download.

Conclusion: Download Google Indic Keyboard for Windows PC

Google Indic Keyboard for PC is easy and comfortable to use. The app is free to download and consumes significantly less storage capacity. It supports many languages, facilitates translation, and you can enjoy the freedom of tying in your native language. The app is safe to use and doesn’t collect/store any data, and does not hamper your private information. The Google Indic Keyboard app supports nearly 23 languages and multiple layouts available, which you can use as per your preferences. Do download the Google Indic keyboard and enjoy the benefits of the product.

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