10+ Free Soundboard Software for Windows PC

Soundboard software is highly popular in various industries such as the gaming world, music, etc. The users utilize the software or the application for various streams such as IMO, video call on Skype, FM channel, TV show, live show, and many more. Gaming players have also been involved in using the software to record their favorite gaming videos such as DOTA, PUBG, etc. The customization options for several pieces of music available, pre-recorded audio make the application fascinating. These Free Soundboard Softwares are the perfect substitute for MIDI to MP3 and can be best used for facilitating highlights, spotlighting celebrities, or composition of quotes.

free soundboard software for pc

Best Soundboard Software for Windows

Initially, soundboard software was normally required by magicians but with the passage of time and technological advancement, even several other users such as online gamers and YouTubers have been using the application. For using a soundboard application, a person does not have to be a music expert. Only being computer literate is enough for access to the world of entertainment through the application on Android, Mac, or Windows.

Some of the best and free soundboard software are mentioned below for your reference:

1. Desktop Soundboard Builder

Customizing sound is very simple and effective with a Desktop Soundboard builder in hand. Though the size of the software is just 2.5 MB it allows creating an unlimited playlist for the users. The enormous library makes it easier for users to add their favorite tracks to the playlist. The users can simply drag and drop for adding the mp3 from the local disk. 

This application has a user-friendly dashboard. The playlist can be easily added and deleted simply. With Mp3 cutter and editor, the users can even add customize audio clips. This may assist to browse through various categories such as Media, holidays, History, Games, Comedians, Celebrities, Nature, animals, and many more.

2. Jingle Palette Soundboard Software

This software is mainly focused on radio broadcast studios but it is also compatible with other purposes also. Simple to use, free of cost, and user-friendly with Jungle Palette, the users can play or stream several types of files such as WAV audio files, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, MPA, and many more. With just a single finger touch the users can manage to play any music on air. This software has a package of unlimited music files.

The application provides a Touch screen graphical user interface that is compatible with most of the operating systems. Functions such as Touch Play Functions, Manual and automixing, make the software popular. A very interesting function of the software is Time announce function that lets the user schedule year, month, day, hour, and time. The warning and remaining time are also announced.

3. Death Counter and Soundboard

Another multifunctional and very interesting Soundboard software is Death Counter and Soundboard that is made for Windows. Gamers are in love with this software as this software is thoroughly customizable and can be integrated with games. The open-source tool is free of cost to use and has innumerable tools for working on music. This software has a unique feature to perform on a single hotkey. 

The file size takes very minimal space on your disk and it supports almost all the versions of Windows. Though the repository of the said soundboard software is GiftHub this software is more inclined towards assigning and facilitating pf hotkeys.

4. Resanance Soundboard software

One of the best soundboard software Resanance can be used for any purpose the user has in mind. With the way to set hotkeys, the users are able to play any music of their choice very quickly. The software is used by the users to disturb a close friend, pump in some dark tune, or any other requirement to be fulfilled. This software is used by more than 25000 users for Teamspeak, discord, skype chat, or music. The Amazon Affiliate program sponsors this software. 

The awesome features provided by the software make it popular. Several buttons and hotkeys can be set. Also, it lets you set buttons and hotkeys and play several devices simultaneously. Files such as OGG, Flac, Wav, MP3 can be easily played and they can even be used for games.

5. EXP Soundboard

EXP soundboard software is used by the users when they require software that supports WAV and MP3. This software is compatible with a virtual audio cable as well as a speaker. The microphones can also adjust mic injectors. This freeware is excellent for creating an excellent mashup with different kinds of audio. The EXP software has minimal requirements as it supports any kind of Windows operating system. A java JRE runtime environment is a must for installation to use this software. The customization of the software is simple and easy and multiple files can be selected with the Add File button in the software. The Play button helps to play the added file. Users love to use this software as it is simple to use and easy to manage.

6. Mixere Soundboard Software

A free soundboard software designed for the Windows operating system is a very popular one. With this software, various files can be mixed to create a new teste mashup and your DJ party becomes the talk of the town. A lot of tools and options are available in the software for advanced customization. The user interface is a bit complicated and needs expert specification. But once practiced thoroughly it creates wonderful music tools and runs smoothly.

Many files such as Mod audio files, MP3, AIFF, Wav, Flac, Ogg Vorbis are supported by this software. Users prefer this program for on-air shows and live performances. This software is a fine mix of CD burner software and CD player. The audio library of the software is by Audiere and the license is registered under GPL.

7. Soundboard

Soundboard is a very simple and easy-to-use software but a very popular one amongst the users. Similar to much other software designed for Windows this one also is free to use and has many programs that are customizable. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to use and understand. The sixteen sections in the software make it possible to add different audio files.

However, the free version has a constraint to add only WAV files. The drag and drop option makes playing the music very simple. Options such as minimize to the system tray, change opacity, change the font size of the button, clearing sound before loading the profile, taskbar are offered by this software. This software is normally used as a media player to create a loop or play a single clip. Controlling volume is also very simple with this software.

8. Silica Interactive Soundboard

Silica Interactive Soundboard is designed for simple use by lesser technology-savvy people. Any individual without any expert knowledge also uses it as it is a standalone program with a highly simplified interface. This software lets the user assign music through add button. It supports WAV format files. 

Several options such as Delete the button, select new song, show index, select new text are available at the right-click. The license for the software is provided by GNU General Public Licence and has a Classpath exception. The basic software for windows is designed for beginners.

9. Soundboard: Powered by Flash Player

Another very interesting software that is powered by Flash Player is Soundboard. This software is designed with high-level technology for experts in the field. The interface has four buttons to manage all the functions. Around 36 files can be added to the interface with a unique number for every audio file. This becomes convenient to play the music with the assigned number to the audio file. 

By pressing the different numbers, the user can also play multiple audio files and enjoy them together. The software offers options for selecting the loop button which makes the music be played continuously. The volume can be controlled with the master volume slider. The users who require more than one Soundboard software option for windows, this is one of the best options to select from.

10. Sensory Sound Board

Free software to play different kinds of music is a sensory soundboard. A highly customizable, user-friendly software can also be used for creating pranks. Several categories such as unordered verse, ordered verse, howl button, laugh button, two-button verse, storm soundboard, and many more are represented through the interactive interface. The icon picture can be easily changed to suit your taste and preference.

Settings such as Sound Playback options, Graphics, and display options, Dwell selection options, Switch control options, are highly convenient to change by the individual. For providing sound effects there are options such as Echo Voice effect, No sound Effects, Single sound playback, and many more. All these options are free to be used by any user.

11. Clownfish Voice Changer

This unique application works on the system level to have its effect on every application that uses audio capture devices or mic with several voice effects to select from. To customize the pitch there are wonderful options available such as baby pitch, Darth Vader, Optimus prime, Radio, helium pitch, Atari, alien, male and female pitch, and many more. 

12. Soundpad

Similar to Resonance, this is another soundboard software and it is absolutely free. The major functions of this application are more like a recorder and editor. The features include device toggling, mic toggling, sound recorder, support for custom hotkeys, voice normalization, etc. The inconsistent volume levels create a problem for the soundboard users. But with the normalization feature in this app, the volume levels across the sound files are appropriated. 

To add to the fun while the Discord chat or game session, the sound editor lets users record sounds to create interest and entertainment.

13. Podcast Soundboard

One of the most compatible soundboards for iOS as well as Windows. Files with extensions such as FLAC, WEBM, WAV, MP4, MP3 perform very well with the application. Modern aesthetic users would want to have better colors and buttons instead of outdated designs and Podcast Soundboard instead provides stylish appeal and a straightforward interface. It also resonates with Mac operating system. This application is rightly stated as a very technologically savvy soundboard to Discord.

Final Thoughts: Free Soundboard Software for PC

Professional music lovers normally have paid soundboard to assist their passion. However, when you require a soundboard for personal use or you are a novice user then the free applications mentioned are really helpful to gain extra entertainment. This software is popular to be a trend in movie making and YouTube videos.

The users can select any of the soundboard applications to add to their system which performs with Discord and other applications for audio input. All that the users need is to find the perfect fit for their requirement and that can be simply done by with experimenting the software and analyzing its pros and cons.

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