Free Microsoft Windows 7 ISO Files Download and Installation

Windows 7 ISO Download is provided by Microsoft for free. Follow the guide below to download and install Windows 7.

Windows 7 was first introduced in 2009. Although it’s been over a decade before the operating system version was first released, it still is one of the best windows and is suitable for the latest technology as well. Its compatibility is one of the main reasons why people chose it over other OS versions. You can easily access all the programs that you use and it supports almost all kinds of applications on your PC. But when you are interested to download Windows 7 iso, there will be a lot of fraud versions available on the internet.

Windows 7 ISO Trial Versions

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Windows 7 ISO Download and Installation

You have to make sure the download process step by step as follows:

1. Locating product key

The product key is an important factor to download the original version of Windows 7. It is a 25-character code that is supposed to verify a couple of things. The original version of Windows 7 has strict uses and cannot be used on PCs after a limit. Once you enter the code, it will be shown to you whether you can still use the same version of Windows 7 based on the terms and conditions provided by Microsoft. In case you don’t know it already, contact the manufacturer of the PC to know the key. This step should be the first in line as you cannot download the operating system without its help. 

2. Navigating to Microsoft’s website

After locating the product key, you are required to go to the official website of Microsoft. As soon as you command for the download, there will be an option available to enter the product key. If you enter the wrong version of the product key, it is not going to help your cause. To enter the product key nicely by writing the exact 25-character code. You cannot escape it and unless you have a genuine product key, the process will get halted until you come with a genuine code featuring 25 characters. 

3. Verifying the product key

You will be asked to enter the product key along with the product languages. If you enter an invalid product key, the “product languages” option is not going to appear in the first place. So make sure that you enter the righteous code and then head on to selecting the product languages. There are various languages available and you should be choosing languages that you can easily understand and have a command over it. 

4. Selecting 32-bit or 64-bit

You will be asked to select between 32-bit or 64-bit. The selection should be made based on the type of processor on your PC. Open the file explorer on your PC and click on computer. After this, select the properties option. The properties are going to give you details if it is a 32-bit or 64-bit processor running on your system. The entire information will be made available once you select the “System type” option. Based on the details that you get, you should be selecting the same before the download process begins through some browser on your system. 

5. Wait for the download to finish

It will take some time before the download process is over. The size of Windows 7 is about 16 GB so even if you’re using a terrible network that has a high internet speed, it will still take you 14 to 15 hours before completing the download. On a general basis, it can take you a couple of days before the download is done. The more wise move would be to download the file in bits so that you don’t have to keep your computer turned on 24/7 which can have bad impacts on the system in the long run. 16 GB of the file is meant for the 32-bit system but if you’re using a 64-bit system, the size increases up to a whopping 20 GB. 

The download process is going to be hectic and you would wish for it to end rather sooner than later. If you want to create a bootable media to install windows 7 on another computer, insert a blank USB or DVD and it should have a minimum space of 16 GB. A 32 GB USB pen drive or CD will be apt to do so. Making its copies will allow you to save your time as well as data if you need the same operating system on different PCs. The installation process is pretty simple and it wouldn’t take much of your time. 


Q1: Do I require a high internet connection to download windows 7 to my PC? 

Unless and until you have a great internet connection, it would be almost impossible to download windows 7 to your PC. Make sure that you have a speed of 2 to 3 MB/s so that you can complete the download within 15-16 hours. 

Q2: Why is the product key important in download windows 7? 

Product key conveys the information regarding the version of Windows 7 and whether or not it is available for your PC or not. It is important to know so because it is a heavy download and unless you’re sure it will on your PC, don’t download it in the first place. 

Q3: Where can I download windows 7? 

Windows 7 is easily available on the official website of Microsoft. Other than that, there are websites like Softonic which also have the original version of all sorts of operating system for you. 

Q4: Why should I download windows 7? 

Windows 7 doesn’t stop working at any point in time, it keeps updating the security patches to your system. It has a great user-friendly interface which is better in comparison to other operating systems so it should be the most suitable operating system for your PC. 

Conclusion: Windows 7 ISO Free Download from Microsoft

Windows 7 is easy to download and has been made available on the official website of Microsoft. The download process will take a lot of time but once you’re done, the installation will get into action pretty quickly. Make sure that you use the right product key for a genuine download and installation of Windows 7! 

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