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Storage is a major issue in all sorts of electronic devices. When you want to store a lot of things and the storage mediums are limited. On a general basis, you wouldn’t know the exact space you are having in a USB flash drive or SD card. Fakeflashtest is meant for this purpose. It can be used in such a way that you get the authentic size of your USB Flash drive or SD card. 

Fakeflashtest is pretty simple to use. It is slick and will give you exact information regarding the memory size. Now you need to understand that a particular pen drive that you have bought might say it has 32 GB of storage and when you plug it into your PC, it will show the same too. But if it has genuine storage of only 8 GB for example, it would store the data up until the 8 GB and the rest of the memory will not read the data. It will put you in an arduous situation and loss of data. If it is an important file, the consequences are going to be worse. But if you have Fakeflashtest installed into your PC, it will quickly let you know if the storage of a certain SD card or pen drive is completely genuine or not. 


  1. Simple to use 

Fakeflashtest is pretty simple to use. Contrary to its name, you wouldn’t face any weird situations while dealing with this application. It is a great platform to know if the storage device is having real storage or a fake one. The to the point nature of Fakeflashtest makes it simple to be used.

  1. Tests 

Fakeflashtest includes two different tests. The first test is quick to size test. This test would quickly look into the storage device and report the actual capacity surrounding it. The second test is test space. The job of this test is to write test files to the remaining space on your drive which is free. The first test is considered destructive. It is because there is a chance that you will end up losing your files. So in case you want to keep it safe then you should be going only for the test space. This is safe and undergoing this test wouldn’t make you lose your files. 

  1. Quick check 

Fakeflashtest describes itself in the name. It is extremely quick with its decisions. When you go for the test and you choose one of the two particularly, it will easily provide you with the results. Fakeflashtest can end up showing results within a minute. You would quickly end up knowing how much space is left on your storage device. There are several other tests to check the exact space but none is as quick as Fakeflashtest. 


Download FakeFlashTest

MediaFire Download

It is difficult to find this application on an official play store. So you can just Google the name of this app and you will get various websites to choose from. The size of Fakeflashtest is barely 50 KB so it wouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds to complete the download to your PC. You must look into a website that is trustworthy since there are chances of entering with the download and you don’t want to risk your entire system to download fakeflashtest. 


Q1: What is fakeflashtest? 

Fakeflashtest is a free tool to check your drive and its real capacity. It checks the drive pretty quickly and let you know the results almost instantly. It is also a standalone executable and you don’t require to download some other application to run it. 

Q2: Who has developed fakeflashtest? 

It is made by the developers of the RMPrepUSB multipurpose USB tool. This test was made specifically for increasing the information of the users regarding the storage drives and taking away chances of any fraudulent activities. 

Q3: What are the tests conducted under the fakeflashtest? 

There are majorly two types of tests conducted under the fakeflashtest. The first test is called the quick size test while the other is called the test space. Both of them are pretty useful to know the real space of a certain drive.

Q4: Is it safe to conduct these tests under the fakeflashtest? 

The first test i.e. quick size test is not considered safe. This test can risk your files and you might end up losing a lot of your data. The second test i.e. test space is far safer but you might still be in trouble under this test as well. 

Q5: What are the alternatives to fakeflashtest? 

There are certainly other tools as well to detect fake and counterfeit USB devices. Some of those applications are H2testw, Flash drive tester, Quick disk test amongst the many others available. 

Q6: How much size of data is read and written by fakeflashtest? 

It reads and writes the data which is 512 bytes. It keeps on knowing the information at set intervals across the drive and this is also the reason why it is faster than the other methods to detect fake storage in USB devices. 

Conclusion: Download FakeFlashTest for Windows

Fakeflashtest can quickly let you know the exact information regarding the storage in certain USB devices. It is pretty simple to be used. So if you want to know the actual storage in your pen drive or card reader, download fakeflashtest and have the results available for you in under a minute! 

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