Du Recorder for PC: Download for Windows and macOS

When the user needs an easy way to live stream and records the screen, what better option than the Du Recorder. Du Recorder for PC is a vital tool to record HD quality and smooth audio. It provides the best quality screen record for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. The Du Recorder is also available for smartphones dominated by Android. The app can be used for PC by downloading .EXE file.

du recorder for windows and mac

Download Du Recorder for PC

Du Recorder for PC is a high-quality screen recorder and also has unique and useful features. With the assistance of this app, the users can make high-quality HD videos for the PC. The most advantageous thing is this app is free of cost and provides clear and smooth screen videos. Du Recorder for PC is preferred by users for its attributes such as video editor, video recorder, screen capture, etc. The users can also record live video chatting and game videos, video calls, screen videos or share the tasks and important videos with family and friends.

This application can be used on PC only with the help of third-party emulators such as Bluestacks. A 64 bit Du Recorder for PC is simple and free to download and install on a PC with any trustworthy Android emulator. To download and install the application the following steps can be followed:

  1. It is very important to have a good bandwidth of the internet connection to the PC for downloading the Du Recorder for the PC.
  2. Before downloading the application, the user has to download and install the emulator on the PC Windows or Mac.
  3. Once the emulator is properly installed, launch the same.
  4. Open the emulator and Browse through the Google Play store.
  5. On the Google play store, search for the APK file of Du Recorder.
  6. Simply double click on the APK file to install on Windows or Mac.
  7. Go through the step-by-step process of installation as the screen suggests.
  8. Once the installation is complete, log in through the Google account.
  9. Then browse through my Apps and run Du Recorder.
  10. With the click on the open app, enjoy the world of screen recording through the most trusted app Du Recorder.

Using Du Recorder Online

Du Recorder can also be run directly or online through the internet browser. This app supports several internet browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. The steps for using the app online are:

  1. Visit any of the supported browsers.
  2. Create a free account with the required credentials.
  3. Log in to the account that is created.
  4. The user can now see the Android Phone running in the browser.
  5. Through this emulated Android Phone open the Google Play Store.
  6. Search, install and run the Du Recorder app and enjoy.

Features of Du Recorder

Du Recorder is believed to be the best screen recorder for video calls, game videos, social media live streams, etc. It is highly user-friendly and very simple to use. The major features can be summarized as follows:

  • Du Recorder is believed to be the best app for live streaming, screen capturing, video recording, video editing, etc.
  • This app supports HD video with different resolutions, bit rates, frame rates, etc.
  • It can record any screen including social media such as YouTube Live, Facebook live, live chat, etc.
  • After recording the screen videos, the same can also be edited, cropped, trim and merged.
  • Any of the devices need not be rooted.
  • The video can be recorded without any watermark.
  • The device should be shaken for stopping the recording.
  • The interface is available in more than 20 languages and is free to use.


  • What are the contents of the file of Du Recorder?

Du Recorder is developed by China and has an approximate file size of 106.4 MB. It also contains advertisements.

  • Is it safe to use Du Recorder?

There are mixed reviews about the app. Some users have experienced malware on their devices due to this application. However, most of the users and the developers boast about the security of the app.

Conclusion: Du Recorder for PC Download

The Du Recorder app has brought a significant change to how the recording of screens is performed. It has brought ease for recording the media through social media apps and also editing features have made the user’s experience hassle-free and smooth


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