Download MX Player Custom Codec [AC3,DTS,MLP,TRUEHD,etc.]

Get MX Player Codec for free! Play various files using these custom codecs.

Undoubtedly, MX Player is the best media player in the whole world. Many came and went away, MX Player didn’t receive competition from any other application or software. The reason is that it can play almost any type of video file you ask for, whether it is mp4 or 3gp, it would surely play. Also, this playback feature comes with an outstanding quality of sound as well as video. Earlier, it allowed its users to play any type of video by default. However, with the recent updates, the user is not allowed to play some type of videos because of the removal of a few existing codecs from the MX Player APK. So, many users found it difficult to resolve this problem.

Therefore, you cannot play AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, etc. on MX Player by default. Well, the solution came with the problem as you can download different codecs for the mentioned video types manually and play your videos without any worry. In this post, we would cover the information regarding what type of my player codec does your mobile phone needs and how to install these codecs.

mx player codec


To install MX player codec APK, you need to follow the instructions given below.

1. First of all, you need to check your version by following the path: Settings > Decoder > General. In the custom tab, you will get to know which type of codec is required for your phone. For example: x86, tegra2, tegra3, neon.

2. If you are currently using the all in one version of MX player then there is no need to follow the above step.

3. Without unzipping the file, download the necessary MX Player Codec file.

4. Follow the same path as provided in step 1 and tap the custom codec tab. After that, select the codec you have downloaded for your MX Player.

That’s all. The process of downloading is quite easy. Up next is how to install these MX player codecs and keep up with your media player.

How to Install MX Player Codec

As you have now downloaded the APK file for the MX player codec, you need to install it on your phone. Before installing it, move the downloaded file to your phone in case you have downloaded it on your laptop or computer. However, there are two different ways to install the required codec on your Android phone. Let’s move further and read about the different methods for installing MX player codec APK.

Method of Installation 1

Step #1. Keep your downloaded file (zip file) in the download section in the internal storage and make sure your phone is charged enough.

Step #2. The next step is simply to open your MX Player and if the downloaded codec pack is compatible with it then the player will automatically ask for confirmation to install this codec pack. Click ok when it asks for installing it on your phone.

Step #3. After it is successfully installed, the app will restart on its own.

That’s it, now you can enjoy your videos on the phone without any interruption.

Method of Installation 2

Step #1. Open the MX Player on your phone prior to the rest of the process.

Step #2. Now, follow this path: Settings > Decoder > General > Custom Codec

Step #3. When you tap on the custom codec, a dialog box will appear on your screen. It will ask for the navigation of the codec pack.

Step #4. Open the required folder in which the zip file is stored of MX Player Codec APK. When you open the folder, click on the zip file.

Step #5. Once you have selected the right zip file of the codec pack which is compatible with your MX Player, the app will restart.

Then, you will be able to use the media player without any worry of any sort of glitch in its functionality.

Now enjoy every video as well as an audio file on your smartphone without any problem related to sound or video. MX Player is free to use software and the MX Player Codec is totally legal to use, therefore, an individual is allowed to use it without any hesitation.

If you are facing any problem, feel free to comment below in the comments section.

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