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Facetime for PC Download for free. Get Facetime for Windows 7/8.1/10.

Facetime has been connecting Apple users across the world for many years now. Users have absolutely loved the idea of being able to video call fellow iPhone users, but there has always been one thing that has been missing for the longest time. And that is the ability to interact with users from other operating systems. Android, Windows, BlackBerry. Okay maybe not BlackBerry but you get the gist. Facetime, being Apple Inc’s brainchild is specific only to the Apple ecosystem. This includes iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac’s but that’s all. Users from other Operating Systems are not given access to using Facetime with their fellow Apple users. So what can one do in such situations? This question has been asked multiple times by many of our friends and family, and most of the time Apple users have had to download third-party apps to converse with their friends which as you can guess, gets pretty inconvenient for both parties. Downloading the apps, adding them to your “friends” list, it’s a pretty long and arduous process.

So if you’re looking for a way to get Facetime on your PC or download Facetime for Windows, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got the methods describing what you need to do to get Facetime working on your Windows PC.

We’ve also gone ahead and made a list of some of the best Facetime alternatives and a guide for Facetime for Android that you and your friends can use to bridge the gap between operating systems.


Facetime For PC

How to install Facetime for Windows

As we mentioned earlier Facetime is made by Apple Inc exclusively for Apple devices only. This means that one will not be able to avail of this rather amazing service on devices other than ones produced by Apple themselves. But we’ve managed to figure out a method to use Facetime on Laptop. Yes, you read that absolutely right! We’ve figured out a way to make Facetime work on a non-Apple device. Well not completely because we will be emulating an iPhone in the method we’ve mentioned above. Wondering what that means?

Well, according to Wikipedia “In computing, an emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system.” In our case, we will be emulating an iOS device and to do this we will be taking the help of a software called an application you can find on Google. Anyway, these are the steps you need to follow to run Facetime on your Windows PC.


The iOS emulator we’ve tested here today as we mentioned earlier is called This is a pretty well put together iOS emulator that will allow you to run Facetime for PC pretty easily. It is completely free to use so you don’t have to worry about incurring significant costs while using it at all!

Prerequisites: Facetime for PC:

  1. An active internet connection
  2. Disk Space on the PC you wish to install on
  3. An Apple ID. If you don’t have one don’t worry, you can still create one when you start up More on that in the next section.


That’s all you really need to get working on your PC. Now that you’re all set up, here are the steps you need to follow to install on your Windows PC.

  • Head over to Google and search the term “”
  • Hit up the first search result and download the application from the links that are provided. Note that if a link doesn’t work you can always try other mirrors or links to download the file.

Note that the developers have a link where you can go and fund them or simply donate to them for making such a brilliant emulator, it’s definitely not necessary for you to do so to download the app, but we would recommend you do it, just to show your love and support for the devs.

  • Once downloaded, run the file. Windows may ask for permissions to run the file and state that the app going to make some changes to the directory, simply agree to the pop up on the screen and carry on
  • Once done, startup, and on run time you will be met with a login page wherein you’ll be required to log in to an existing Apple ID or create a new one. Do whatever is necessary and log into the account.

That’s it. Now you have a properly working emulator on your hand and you can proceed to the next segment and actually use the emulator to use Facetime.

How to use Facetime for PC

Now that you’ve understood how to find and install on your PC, we will now guide you on how you can run Facetime on your Windows PC. The steps aren’t hard to follow at all so if you find yourself stuck at any step feel free to contact us in the comments section. Anyway,here are the steps to use Facetime on your PC.

  • Start up the emulator, on startup you will be required to sign in using an Apple ID. Create one if you don’t have one already, otherwise sign in using the existing one.
  • Once you’ve signed in you’ll be able to use the device as though you’re actually using an iPhone. Well that’s the whole point of the emulator anyway, so move on and locate “Facetime” in your installed apps
  • If you can’t find it, simply head over to the App Store and search for “Facetime” and download the highest-rated application. You shouldn’t have to use this step, but just in case you have to, this is what you’ve got to do.
  • Once you’ve downloaded Facetime and opened it, you will have to sign in with your Apple ID one more time before proceeding to sync all your contacts.
  • Done! You will now be able to call up anyone on your contact list who is an Apple user using your computer’s microphone and webcam.

So there you have it! This is how you can use Facetime and talk to your friends from your Windows PC, as you can see from all the steps the whole process is pretty easy to handle and replicate and you’ll have facetime running on your Windows PC in no time. Don’t forget that if you run into any issues while replicating these steps feel free to ask in the comments section because help is always given to those who ask for it!

Why use Facetime?

Well, there are many reasons to use Facetime out of which the many features are definitely some of the biggest selling points. Here are some of the features:

Simple and easy to use

There are no finicky buttons you need to figure out in order to make a call on Facetime! It literally features one of the most simple yet intuitive designs ever that helps new and old user make calls as quickly as possible! All you need to do is find the person you wish to call up (must be an active Apple user! Doesn’t matter which device one is on! Could be a Mac or an iPad too, doesn’t need to be iPhone to iPhone call!) And hit the call button. Note that users have the option to both video or voice call someone over Facetime!

No Tariff!

Yes, you read that absolutely right, Facetime users don’t have to pay any extra tariff for making calls via Facetime whether it be voice or video! All the calls are made over the internet, so if you choose to make a call using Facetime all you really have to pay for is your data plan! Even better if you’re on WiFi.

Make proper use of your camera

With Facetime one is not simply restricted to using the front or back camera on its own, you can make use of both the cameras at the same time in the same call. Easy switch between the cameras using the on-screen button to switch between the two cameras!

Regular Updates

The Facetime app keeps receiving updates from time to time from bringing along with it some of the latest advancements in video calling technology. Apple sure knows how to keep its consumers satisfied with the quality of updates that are released from time to time. You can currently find the latest build on the Apple App Store.

Ease of access

Got an important message to send out in the middle of a call? Facetime has got you covered! You can simply shift facetime to the background while the call keeps going on and get all your other tasks done.

Switch seamlessly between audio and video

The switching of calls between audio and video is effortless when using Facetime! You can start an audio call and switch it to video or vice versa. The calls also come in with standard features like mute, deafen, turn-off camera, and more.

Facetime for Chromebook

facetime for chromebook

On the subject, we have to sadly report that currently there are no such methods to make Facetime run on a Chromebook. The reason behind this is that the Chromebook is running Chrome OS which is more like a Web app than an operating system and hence it has problems in running Facetime for Chromebook. However there are a few alternatives that work quite effectively on a Chromebook, these include:

Alternatives of Facetime for Windows!

Now there be some issues that you run into while trying to figure out how to run Facetime on your Windows PC, some steps might go wrong or you we might not be able to help you out as quickly as possible, but that’s the whole point. If you find yourself unable to run Facetime on Windows for some reason, there are plenty of alternatives available on the market today that allow you to run video calls across platforms we’ve made a complete list of some of the best cross-platform video calling alternatives to Facetime which you can use on Windows, so be sure to check them out!

Google Duo
Google Duo was launched in 2016 and many people referred to it as Facetime for Android. It basically allowed Android users to call one another with a simple tap, just like Facetime and it only allowed one on one video calls. But Google went a step further and added support for iOS too, thereby allowing users to call each other using Google Duo as long as their Google accounts were connected. Google Duo comes in with a whole bunch of cool features, but one area where it lacks is the inability to add more than one person on a video call.

The initial video calling app, Skype is like the grandfather to all the new video calling apps that are coming out these days. With a whole bunch of features, including group calls Skype allows users to connect with each other across the world. Now integrated with Windows, it is easy to use Skype and get going and talking to your loved ones.

Google Hangouts
Hangouts is another one of the old video calling applications that are still alive and kicking today in 2019. With updates coming in hot for Hangout, it doesn’t seem like Google has forgotten about its prodigal son. Hangouts too allow group video calling (if you’re looking for it) and have no limitation on the number of people you can have on a group call. The video switching system needs a major revamp in our opinion, but it is still as good as all other alternatives we have mentioned here today.

Aside from these three alternatives for Windows, there are also a couple of alternatives that you can use on mobile devices, these are available on all mobile platforms and hence you will find it fairly simple to communicate with friends who are on different platforms.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications available on the internet today and it comes with its own video calling section, that allows up to 4 users to connect on a video call. With great connectivity and obviously the huge amount of people that you can connect with WhatsApp comes in as a great alternative to Facetime. It also allows you to connect with users on operating systems other than the one you’re using, easily. No limitations, other than the number of people you can invite to a group video call.

No, we’re not joking. Instagram actually has a pretty great video calling system in place with the new updates it has been receiving. And with no limitation on the number of people you can invite to a group video call, it feels as though it might have gone a step beyond WhatsApp in making things convenient for the average user. The quality of calls is superb but you need to be mutually following the people you wish to video call. For obvious reasons.

Conclusion: Facetime for PC Download

There are a lot of options available on the market today if you’re looking for a video calling app and as you can see from all the options we have listed for you right here, you’re not simply restricted to using just Facetime.

But of course, if you are persistent in using Facetime we have now shown you the way to use Facetime on a Windows PC. You can use all the tricks we’ve shown here to make sure you can use Facetime and converse with your friends who are using Facetime too.

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