Best Do Not Disturb Apps for Android

There are times when stuck at an important venue and all of a sudden your phone starts ringing. It kind of feels embarrassing and raises a few eyebrows as well. This is why do not disturb mode is important. While this feature comes in hand with every iPhone device, the same is not the case with Android phones.

So here are some of the best do not disturb apps

These apps will you to stay away from trouble during crucial times such as meetings or a classroom:

  1. Night keeper 

It is not specifically meant for the do not disturb mode. There are numbers which would keep calling you time and again, most of them belong to the company itself. They share the new plans provided by the cellular network in detail and after a point, you’re sick of listening to them. Night keeper is meant to block such calls for an indefinite time in the future. This application will help you to create several profiles of different contacts. It is useful because most of your genuine contacts would know when you’re busy and when you’re not. It is the customer care that can poke at the wrong place & Night Keeper keeps such phone calls in check. 

  1. Easy DND 

This has been produced by XDA and is one of the most suitable apps to activate the DND mode. It is accessible and very user-friendly. With this app, you can fully activate the do not disturb mode. It means that even if you receive some texts or email, the phone wouldn’t bother you up until you turn off the mode. You can still keep the priorities in check in case of an emergency. Moreover, there’s an emphasis on starred contacts and repeat callers. 

  1. App block 

You can easily find this application on the Google play store. App block is meant for the larger scheme of things. It is supposed to block websites, apps, and notifications. While the other apps are meant for the calling and messaging-related notifications and muting them for good, App block is supposed to get rid of unimportant notifications and apps, at least while you’re doing something very important and don’t want any sort of disturbance. You can also use a timer so that you can activate the profiles in a selected time window. 

  1. Mute it 

As the name suggests, it is supposed to give the best experience of do not disturb mode. Before you enter an important meeting or class, you can add the applications that you want to mute to Mute it and you can feel relieved for the rest of the time. So you have to keep a specific list of the applications and notifications. Certain apps would keep buzzing from time to time. Mute it will put them to sleep for a good period until you turn it off once everything is done. 

  1. Do not disturb

This works like the DND mode on an iPhone. This application is pretty much similar to the silent mode but has got many other features as well. Usually, when you put your phone to silent, there would still be several sounds and notifications during the mode. But when you use Do not disturb, there’s no chance of any calls, alarm tunes, notifications sounds, etc. There’s a whitelist option as well. So in case, something is important to you and you would like to receive notifications regarding it, Do not disturb the application is meant for you. 

  1. Polite 

This one is necessarily not a do not disturb application. However, it can serve many purposes you would require from a do not disturb app. It can block all sorts of sounds but moreover, it can easily put calls into the blacklist. You can specify the period when you want your phone to be silent. So unlike putting your phone to silent mode indefinitely, it gives you an option to turn back the notifications to normal when you’re free and you can take up the calls and look at the notifications. You can enter silent mode even if Calendar applications are in charge on your phone. 

  1. Call blocker 

The name speaks for itself since a Call blocker is specifically meant to block all sorts of calls. A call blocker can easily block the spam numbers and unknown calls and put them on the blacklist along with a schedule call blocker. There’s an advance call blocking system that always helps when a number keeps buzzing you time and again. It comes with a security code too which makes it easy to manage calls for all sorts of people. 


Q1: How should I use a do not disturb application? 

There would be a few instances in a day when you wouldn’t like to get disturbed on a general basis. In the case of some people, they do not want to disturb their turn throughout the day. You should set the timer on the do not disturb app accordingly. 

Q2: Can I get the do not disturb app for free? 

Almost all the do not disturb applications are free of cost so you don’t have to pay a single penny to use them. 

Q3: Where can I download the do not disturb app? 

All the do not disturb applications for Android phones are available at the Google play store pretty easily. You can choose the app that you would like to have on your phone and enjoy its services.

Q4: Are do not disturb applications available for iPhones as well? 

iPhone has a separate do not disturb mode so you don’t require a do not disturb application on it. 

Conclusion: Best Android DND Apps

When you’re sitting in an important meeting and a call comes out of nowhere, it is not only embarrassing but everyone sitting in the room lose their focus. With the DND application, you can block calls and notifications for a definite or indefinite period and save yourself from all the misery that you might face. 

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