Windows XP ISO File Download & Installation Guide

windows xp iso file download

Windows XP ISO is a file format for Windows XP which was released in the year 2001 and it completely changed the way the world looked at the computer. It had better success than Windows 2000  and Windows Me. The system was lauded highly upon its release with respect to the improved user interface, more developed hardware support, and amazing performance. While it was in the development stages, Windows XP was called Neptune.

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Windows Vista ISO Download and Installation (Ultimate 32/64 Bit)

windows vista ultimate iso 32 bit 64 bit

Windows Vista is an operating system that has more specifications than the older versions and meets the enhancements and the requirements of the user. In comparison to Windows XP, Windows Vista has more safety, stability, reliability. All shortcomings of Windows XP can be sorted out with the help of Windows Vista. Let’s see more about Windows Vista ISO and how to download it easily.

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Windows 95 ISO Download, Features and Requirements

Microsoft released Windows 95 in 1995. It is a GUI-based operating system and the first OS of that time to be released as a part of the 9x series of Windows. Released in both 16 and 32-bit versions Windows 95 was based on Disk Operating System. Disk Operating System is a command-line operating system and is developed by Microsoft. Follow this guide in order to download Windows 95 ISO File.

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FakeFlashTest Download for Windows PC

FakeFlashTest Download

Storage is a major issue in all sorts of electronic devices. When you want to store a lot of things and the storage mediums are limited. On a general basis, you wouldn’t know the exact space you are having in a USB flash drive or SD card. Fakeflashtest is meant for this purpose. It can be used in such a way that you get the authentic size of your USB Flash drive or SD card. 

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Best Karaoke Software for Windows PC and Mac

Karaoke Apps for PC and mac

Karaoke is a great source of entertainment. It just plays the music in the background and people have to sing the lyrics of the song themselves. Karaoke Apps works as a great stress buster. It is also a great showcase of your talent. Karaoke is a Japanese world and naturally its culture has been developed in Japan. Over the period, there have been various Karaoke Softwares that have been made available over phones as well as computers. If we talk about PC, the number is larger and has kept on increasing over time.

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Cash App for PC: Download for Windows & macOS

In this electronic generation, several tasks are being done at home itself. It has become a habit to shop, purchase, sell, trade, etc online. Also,  cryptocurrency got a boom in this pandemic situation. Several payment apps like Google wallet, e payment, Tez, etc have seen a surge in users. Cash App for PC is also like a mobile payment service provider. It provides the simplest way to invest, sell,  save, transfer money, and trade cryptocurrency. 

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