Best Transcription Softwares for Mac Recommended by Professionals

Are you looking for the Best Transcription Software for Mac and is cost-effective and handy? We will have a look at the latest developed technologies in the world of writers. One such technology is this transcription.

Transcription is listening to an audio file and typing it into text form. The transcription can be done both manually and automatically. The transcription software makes this job easy. Gone are the days when you would find people transcribing audio files into text manually. Now, we have transcription software that uses artificial intelligence for both speed and accuracy.  

The transcription software helps you whether you are a writer, a medical professional, a legal professional, or a business tycoon where you want your audio files converted into text.  

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Best Transcription Softwares for Mac

The transcription software recognizes the human voice in the file and converts it into text format. There is plenty of transcription software available in the market. Let us check out a few transcription software with important features that would increase the user’s productivity by increasing efficiency and saving time.

1. Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a popular audio player devised to transcribe audio files on Mac. The software is for professional transcriptionists as beginners would find it difficult to use. The extensive features of Express Scribe are it allows us to load files from different sources.

It supports most of the audio formats, including WAV, MP3, DSS, and more. A wide collection of hotkeys helps in easy control of the voice and video. It also supports the foot pedal, which is used to control audio. Both the source as well as the destination of the audio can also be easily controlled on this software. Express Scribe is easily compatible with other hardware and software. It works easily with MS Word and other word processors.

There is a limited free version of this software, which you can use, or you can upgrade to the pro version. When you consider the features that Express Scribe offer, the pro version is neither too high. It is priced at a rate of USD 29.

2. Transcriva

Transcriva is designed to focus on how easily you can transcribe. The features of Transcriva are you can control the sound and speed of the audio. Fast talkers audio can be set to slow and slow talkers to fast using the adjustable playback speed menu. The Follow-Along feature allows us to check the transcribed content for accuracy.

The Transcriva software controls are keyboard-driven, which helps in smoother transcription without reaching for the mouse very often. It also supports a USB foot pedal. The chat-like interface creates a smoother transcript, whether it is a single dictator or minutes of a board meeting. This software is suitable for beginners or professionals. Transcribe offers free of cost for a limited period, and then the licensed version starts from USD 29.9.

3. Descript

Descript is a bit different from other transcription software, as it is both an automatic and human-powered transcription tool. It is powered by Google Speech and produces a high level of accuracy with automated transcription. The AI-powered speaker detective detects the speaker and labels them, which is very helpful for multiple speakers. If a combination of manual and automated transcription is needed, then Descript would be the best choice. When it comes to price, Descript turns out to be costlier. They charge 7 cents per minute for the full features.

4. InqScribe

InqScribe stands in between when you compare it with the transcription software for Mac. It is neither highly professional nor too minimal. You can link the audio and start transcribing. On the right side, there is an option to transcribe. InqScribe is used for transcribing movies. The custom-made keyboards make it easy to transcribe. As said earlier, without any fancy features, InqScribe provides easy transcriptions. There is an option to export the transcription to a more usable format easily. InqScribe is the best option for beginners who are looking for a simple, non-sophisticated tool. InqScribe allows you to download the free version. The licensed version costs USD99.

5. Transcribe

Transcribe is an online tool for transcription. It supports Mac very well. This tool supports both manual transcription of audio and video as well as automated transcription. Transcribe is perfect for manual transcription. The audio player and text fields are well synced to produce the best transcription. The automated transcription also ensures the highest accuracy in different languages. An added advantage is you can even connect the foot pedal for good control of audio.

This software comes as the best rescue when you do not want to install any software on your computer. Transcribe allows you to upload a youtube video and get the transcription done. It also lets you caption videos on Youtube. Transcribe is a choice for on-the-go transcribers. The downside of this software is you need an internet connection to work on this platform. The license cost starts from USD 20. These are yearly plans. 

6. Nvivo

Nvivo is one of the transcription software for Mac with its latest version of Nvivo12. The features include multi-language options, collaborative tools, and file sharing. This software is best suited for Mac. This software is best for beginners. Even professionals can use it if they choose to. The Nvivo is priced at a one-time payment of USD1240. There is also a free trial version of this software available, which you can make use of it.

7. Maestro

Maestro is an automatic transcription software for Mac. Maestro is a speech recognition software that transcribes the audio automatically. It produces captions and subtitles, making it the best transcription software for Mac. You can voice over the audio in more than 50 languages. You can share the generated transcript online or share it through the mail. You can even export the transcript into a more usable format.

The unique feature of this software includes time coding and automatic conversion. This software is most preferred by commercial users. Maestro allows you to transcribe 15 minutes of audio for free, and later on, it is charged. The licensed version of the software starts from USD29.

8. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon speech recognition software was developed by Dragon Systems of Newton and was first acquired by Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products and later by Nuance Communications. The Dragon speech recognition software has collaborative tools such as a script editor for editing the transcript. You get highly accurate transcripts without any training. The hotkeys and saved shortcuts will automatically transcribe audio into texts. This tool is best suited for podcasts and pre-recorded audio files. The price of this software starts from USD 300.

9. Deepgram

Deepgram is another speech-to-text format designed for Mac. The special feature of this software removes noise and background disturbances. You need to get familiar with the API keys. Once you get familiar with and understand the keys, you can use the hotkeys and get your audio files transcribed. Deepgram is best suited for call centers and software providers. Deepgram software is priced starting at USD 250.

10. Trint

Trint is another transcription software that allows you to transcribe audio files using a web browser. This software comes to the rescue when you do not want to install any software on your system. This software comes with multiple collaboration tools, which helps you to collaborate with team members. Transcription software is based on AI, which leads to reduced error rates. There is a dedicated app for iPhone, which supports on-the-go accessibility. This software also supports multiple languages. Most of the audio formats are supported by this software. 

How to select the Best Transcription Software for your Mac Device:

Let us have a look at some of the key points before selecting a transcription software.

  1. Firstly, you would need to check accuracy. You can use the free trial available and test the accuracy by looking into grammatical errors, punctuation, etc.
  2. The next key point is the features. You need to check for features depending on your need. Feature of collaboration would be highly recommended if it is for business enterprise.
  3. You need to consider your budget too. The free versions are just for trials. If you are an individual transcriptionist, you can go for pay as you use the option. At the same time, business enterprises can use custom plans according to their needs.
  4. A simple transcription software with a little user interface will help you concentrate on the content.
  5. You need to take care of the privacy policy if you transcribe business meetings on an online transcription service. You can make a non-disclosure agreement to protect privacy.
  6. It would be wiser if you chose transcription software to eliminate noise and background disturbances.
  7. It would be preferable if the software supports more than one audio format. 

Conclusion: Best Transcription Software for MacOS

So, these are a few ways where you can get your audio files transcribed through your Mac system. The above software can be used both by beginners as well as professionals. This software increases overall productivity. You can choose the software that suits your budget, your requirements, and these softwares can be downloaded easily from the respective websites.

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