Best Torrent Search Engines (Working in 2023)

Here are the Best Torrent Search Engines Websites which are Safe & Working.

There are several BitTorrent websites available on the internet for access to torrent websites. These websites use P2P file-sharing technology for their performance. The torrent search engine is one such place where you can find all the torrent websites in a single place without trying to find them all over the web. 

What is Torrent Search Engine

Theoretically Torrent search engine is similar to other search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  But it is different in the way that it is just a single place that provides the search results for all the BitTorrent websites.

The torrent search engine is typically used for magnet links, downloading torrent files, and searching torrent websites. It should be however noted that Torrent search engines are not meant for hosting original torrent files but only share torrent results from the BitTorrent websites.

Selecting Torrent Search Engine

There are several torrent sites available on the internet. Therefore one can choose or select the one that best suits their requirements. 

It is highly recommended to choose that kind of search engine that provides details of the torrenting website that has self-verified torrent files. Then that becomes safe and secure for the users.

Downloading files from the torrents that have good health namely a high number of seeders, leechers, and peers is beneficial. A website that has lesser advertisements and a better downloading speed is normally preferred by the users. 

Some of the protective measures include using VPN so that you are not tracked, or using ad blockers for excessive advertisements. Even after following all these measures, it is important to scan the file with a strong antivirus to avoid any further complications. 

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Best Torrent Search Engines

There are several Torrent search engines available. Some of the best ones as per their performance and utilities are mentioned below:

Torrent Search Engine Know for
Lime Torrents Improved and redesigned features
Torrent Hounds A resilient community for torrent
BTDB Faster search, clean, effective, and simple design
YTS.AG Exclusively for movies
Extra Torrent Largest Torrent community
1337X A search engine for TV series, games, movies, and many more
Torrent Seeker Very few User Interface, a wide range of websites, customized search results
Academic Researchers Exclusive for researchers
Veoble Google custom search hovers it, huge filtering options
Zooqle Exclusive for movies
AIO Search Googling of Torrent
Toorgle Searching more than 450 websites at a single moment
XTORX Advertisement-free, accurate and fast, simple user interface.
Torrents. Me Search for more than 600 websites
Snowfl Customized filtering, easy and fast
RARBG Diverse repository for torrent
The Pirate Bay The big boss of Torrents

1. Snowfl

Types of Content Software, games, music, and movies
Best Features Availability of leecher and seeder ratios, magnet links

This website is believed to be the most reliable one as any work started on it, finishes successfully. The navigation on the website is very easy and simple to use and it has a very minimal interface. The torrents can be searched through the search box, but the terminology has to be appropriate as it does not make any corrections, unlike Google. 

With this website, there are two options available either use the magnet links for downloading torrents directly or visit the referred torrent site from the available results. Only a single advertisement pops up near the search box in the whole process.

The website also portrays the names with the leecher and seeder ratio and the file size. This helps in selecting the torrent.


Types of Contents TV shows, music videos, movies
Best feature Advertisement free, clean, and simple user interface

This website is believed to be one of the best torrent search engines and does not have any advertisements on the home page.

Searching is very simple on this platform with a search box and a magnifying glass. The user has to type the required torrent in the search bar and all the specified results appear instantly. However, in this search engine, the user has to click on every individual website for downloading the torrent.

There are no filters available for searching torrents here. However simple this search engine may appear but it is a very powerful one. This search engine is highly appealing and can be taken as a prime option.

3. Veoble

Types of Contents eBooks, images, TV shows, music, movies
Best features The capability of filter based on language, torrent and image search, dark theme

The website Veoble has a similar look to Google search and has an entirely different approach than the other search engines.

The dark-themed website can search torrent search and image options and therefore is gaining popularity gradually. This torrent search engine has an upper hand on all other websites due to its ways and means to put a filter for the search. You can exclude or include various torrent websites or put a filter for them based on criteria such as language. From the search result, you can select the most relevant or the latest one.

Though it is powered by Google, it does not correct the typing and spelling mistakes. This may result in wrong torrent searches.

4. Torrends

Type of Contents Anime, ebooks, images, TV shows, music, movies
Best Features Powered by Google, Corrects spelling and typing errors

The domain for Torrends keeps on changing now and then due to certain legal issues faced by them. The current domain for it is Torrend. to. The current domain can be accessed from torrents. to and torrents. me

An accurate and appropriate torrent list is obtained by search through Google and TorrentSeekers. This search engine is also powered by Google and also auto-corrects the spelling and typing mistakes. This is one of the most powerful search engines for torrents with around 61 million indexed torrent files. It also combines tracker to it with most of the other torrent sites.

The home page of the search engine provides the verified and most popular torrents for the users to select instead of searching through title and file name.

5. Torrent Seeker

Type of Contents Games, Applications, Music, TV Series, Movies
Best Feature Easier navigation and user interface, content extracted from popular torrent repositories.

The design of the Torrent seeker is one of the best ones with a perfect layout, simple to use, and also fancy in looks. The search engine is highly attractive and is visited by many people. It is simple to use and navigate and the best part being it relies on verified and authentic repositories. It provides results from different torrenting websites and the same can be visited and accessed directly.

6. iDope

Types of Content eBooks, software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best Feature Verified uploads of Torrent, advanced modes of search

This search engine for torrent has its built-in search. There are three types of searches under this search engine namely:

  • Multi-Search

Along with the original search, even the related searches are performed. Such that apart from the key string for search, the individual words are also searched.

  • Full Search

The central server is searched for the torrents particularly those that contain most of the peers and seeders. Also, the torrents are normally uploaded by contributors that can be relied upon.

  • Exact Search

The search is performed with the exact keywords that are typed in without any variation and deviation. The torrent listings or the results have the exact keywords that are searched. 

7. Zooqle

Types of Content Applications, Games, Tv Shows, Movies
Best Feature Huge collection of movies, well-developed user interface

The homepage of this search engine portrays a section for TV shows and movies. With the help of a search bar, you can get your search results. 

The users can have search results based on various filter criteria such as the size of the torrents, language, terms, and many more. With the use of the info hash below the magnet link, the search can be performed on Google. 

The video quality for the movies, TV shows torrents can be selected. However, to download torrents from the website, only a magnet link can be used.

8. YTS

Types of Content Movies
Best Features An array of movies with all kinds of genres, well-developed interface

This search engine is one of the best for downloading movie torrents. The search engine portrays a humungous and most popular collection of movies from various kinds of genres. 

Searching for any kind of movie is very easy on YTS as it has a wonderful well-developed user interface. The user can download the movies in the resolutions as per their requirements and preferences. They can also send their requirements to the developers to add to the search. 

This is a perfect choice for movie seekers. Yts. it, yts. movie,, and many more are included in YTS mirrors.

9. AIO Search

Types of Content Software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best Features Very fast loading speed, tutorials for the guidance of beginners

This is rightly termed as Google of torrents as it has a magnificent coverage of thousands and thousands of torrent websites with excellent and well-designed user experience. 

The search bar provides an option to exclude or include the torrents as per the user’s preferences. The swift search and fast website provide results at the click of the button. 

Results from selective search engines or torrent searches are displayed on different tabs and users can click on the website in the tabbed version. The feature of AIO search lets the user search for torrents through browser extensions without even visiting websites. 

The best part of AIO search is that it can be used to search for subtitles, videos, images, streaming websites, and many more. 

10. Torrenz 2

Types of Content Software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best features Well developed and designed user interface

Torrentz has indexed almost 32 million torrents and Torrenz 2 is its perfect alternative. The interface of this search engine is similar to the original website and it also notifies that it is the replacement of the original website. 

The suggestions for torrents are shown by the search result. The torrents can also be downloaded with the use of magnet links. The torrents are listed on the search result page instead of the individual listing. This website has indexed more than 61 million torrent files from more than 90 torrent websites.

11. Solid Torrents

Types of Contents Software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best Features Huge collection of torrent files, very quick response time

Solid torrents are believed to be the best torrent aggregator as it is simple in every interface and does not unnecessarily complicate things. A prominent search bar is placed on the home page with several search criteria such as videos, eBooks, music, and many more.

The results for the search of torrents are indexed from more than 30 million torrents and are displayed quickly and instantly. The user can download the torrent file or can use the magnet link. 

Sometimes advertisements pop up on the website but they are not at all disturbing. Solid Torrents is a global search engine with a very fast response time. This search engine is a feature-rich simple website where the torrent can be searched on a real-time basis.

12. TorrentDownload

Types of content Software, games, Tv shows, music, movies
Best Features File sharing between peers, huge collection of verified torrents

Though TorrentDownload is a search engine it functions and resembles a torrent website. Finding millions of torrents on this website is quick, easy, and effortless. 

For providing verified torrents, the search engine relies on LimeTorrents, RARBG, Torrentz2, and many more. There are also torrent download mirrors for the search engine such as and torrent downloads. me. 

There are dedicated sections on the home page of the search engine for top torrents and the latest torrents. 

13. BTdigg

Types of Content Software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best Features More than 75 lakhs torrent index size, direct magnet links 

This search engine is a free torrent aggregator and very easy to use even for first-time torrent users. The best part of this search engine is that you can search for any torrent and then directly download the same from the magnet link that is displayed on the result page.

There are around 50 torrent files to select from for the users for every torrent search result. Also, the most rated ones will be easily available for direct download. 

Several filters can be applied for the torrent search such as the number of files, size, relevance, age, and many more. The extension scanning facility is available for Google search operators. 

The torrent files are not available for download and the user is not diverted to the third-party torrent site. The downloads can be done only through the magnet link.

14. TorrentZeta

Types of Content Software, games, TV shows, music, movies
Best Features File sharing through peers, all the popular torrent websites are covered

Almost all the popular torrent websites are covered by this search engine. The search engine is entirely advertisement-free and also displays an index of torrent websites that are currently available. Certain ISP around the globe have banned the website but it can always be accessed through VPN. It is a clone of Torrentz and is very useful. 

15. Academic Torrents

Types of Content Research papers, audiobooks, ebooks
Best Features Legal with no cost to use. 

This torrent search engine is an absolute academic website and so does not have games, music, or movies. The user can download lectures, notes, datasets, research papers, and much more academic content. The research database contains more than 65 TB of content including thesis, dissertations, eBooks, free courses, datasets, and others. 

This search engine was developed and designed as a joint project between the University of Texas and the University of Michigan. Therefore it is absolutely free and completely legal to use. 

16. Torrentz. colorask

Types of Content Music, software, games, TV shows, movies
Best Features Powered by Google, suggestions for the search

The search engine is powered by Google and has an exceptional level of operations and usability. The search on this engine can be called as intuitive as it provides suggestions when the user types words in the search bar. It also corrects the errors and mistakes similar to Google. 

Even when the user types wrong names of games, shows, movies, etc it is corrected automatically. 

To download the torrents, you can directly go to the torrent website.

17. Torrent Project

Types of Content Music, software, games, movies, TV shows
Best Features Huge index for torrents, downloading the torrents directly

The search engine has a magnificent index of torrent sites for displaying results. It works on similar lines as that of the uTorrent search engine. Unlike the uTorrent search engine, torrents from this search engine can be downloaded directly from the website and do not have to go to a third party. It is to be noted that the magnet links are performing on the website while all others displayed are advertisements.

This search engine has an auto-correct facility where even if the user types wrong spellings of games, shows, movies, and others it gets corrected automatically. 

18. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is termed as the big boss of the market of torrents. It is popular as the most resilient torrent website. This search engine was developed in the year 2003. The founders are charged for copyright infringement and many other charges in the Swedish courts. The website was initially generating revenue from X-rated advertisements. The users can use ad blockers while browsing the website to avoid promotions. 


Types of Contents Software, music, movies, and many more
Best Feature User-friendly and easy navigation

This website attracts a lot of traffic, in fact into millions, and is amongst the top-visited torrent websites. The navigation on the search engine is very easy, simple, and user-friendly. The only thing that pinches is the pop-up ads on every click. 

The ads can however be avoided by using ad blockers. The seeds on the search engine are experienced and have a reputation. It is recommended to use this website through VPN so that not to get caught by ISP.

20. Extra Torrent

Types of Contents Tv series, wallpapers, games, software, music, movies
Best Features Free search and download, the torrent community

This search engine is used globally and is loved by users for its wonderful features. The users can search and download Tv series, wallpapers, games, software, music, movies, and much other content for free from this search engine. Also, e-learning content and courses from e-learning websites such as Udemy, Lynda, and many more can be downloaded for free. Extra torrent also serves as a torrent community. After registering on the website the users can interact with other torrents, comment, and also share about different torrents.

21. Lime Torrents

Types of Content Software, books, music, movies
Best Features Beautiful and simple to use user interface, various categories to search

The search engine has a lime-colored user interface. This search engine claims that the downloads from this website are verified and authentic. The home page is so designed it seems that the user is visiting a search engine of vegetables and fruits. However, it has a magnificent database of contents such as software, books, music, movies, and many more that can be downloaded through BitTorrent. 

The search is very simple on the website. It can be through typing in the search bar on the home page or browsing through the categories displayed on the website. Though the inside interface is not very attractive yet the users can find the right thing at the right place on the website. 

22. Monova

Types of Content Movies, software, music, and many more
Best features Ultra quick updates

Monova is believed to be one of the best search engines on the internet. The best part of this website is its ultra-quick update. Every minute detail is updated immediately on the website and is displayed quickly. If you register on the website it becomes user-specific. The website asks for disabling the ad blocker, but it is recommended not to do so to avoid annoying ads and also malware. It is also advisable to use VPN privacy software while using the search engine. 

23. CiniSearch

This search engine is mainly used for movie torrents. It uses Google API for seeking the results. The website has a very decent and simple-to-use user interface. The users should use reputable VPNs and also adblockers while using the website for the security and safety of the device.


Is the Torrent search engine blocked?

It is worth noting that some of the regions or countries may have banned several torrent search engines. They may be not working at the ISP level. However, the users can use a Virtual private network or a proxy to access the search engine. 

At the inception, the users should be aware that torrent websites disappear due to various reasons with regards to anti-piracy. Then the users have to hunt for new torrents, websites, and search engines every time the older one stops functioning. Another option to unblock the torrent websites is that you can use mirror websites or proxy.

How to download Torrent Files

Downloading torrent files is the easiest task on the internet in the current scenario. Select and visit the torrent website of your preference. Then search on the website the torrent file you are looking for. Then you can download the torrent files using a client. You must download the torrent file from any torrent website and then try to open it with any of the torrent clients such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. 

There are different torrent clients for mac and windows and are easily available on the internet. You can download the same as per your requirement and preference.

Is Torrenting legal

The users normally wonder if torrenting is legal and if the content on the torrent website is safe and secure. So to state principally torrenting is legal. But it can be termed illegal when the user downloads and redistribute copyrighted content elsewhere. If found and caught the copyright holder has all the right to take legal actions against such users as this can be termed as pirated content. 

But if you share non – copyrighted content then it comes under legal torrenting. 

Wrapping Up: 20+ Best Torrent Search Engine Sites

The rules and regulations about torrents in many of the countries and regions are very stringent and ruthless. The users should be cautious to use torrents in such countries. Downloading torrents from the various torrent search engines should be done cautiously and use various safety measures. For the added security measures, it is always recommended to use a strong and reputable VPN. This would avoid being caught by the authorities. It also protects from tracking down your search and browsing. The threat of malware, virus, hacking, and attacks can be avoided and the device can be well protected when the user uses VPN. Torrents can be very useful but must be used cautiously.

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