Best Snapchat Saver Apps to save Photos/Videos/Chats Privately

Find the best Snapchat Saver Apps for your Android and iOS devices!

Snapchat is a highly popular mobile application designed for Android and iOS devices. The core concept of Snapchat is to have a fun and entertaining way to share a memorable moment with family and friends. The user can send photos and videos in seconds as the application opens directly in-camera. 

Features of Snapchat

Snapchat offers wonderful features that make the interaction more interesting. The major features of Snapchat are mentioned below:

  • Snap

Snapchat opens directly in the camera where you can click and send pictures after adding filters to it. Own filters can also be created which changes the way you look

  • Chat

Chatting with friends can be done through sharing messages and stories. Around 16 friends can be added to the live chat session and filters can be used in this function also

  • Discover

The users can follow friends, watch exclusive stories, community stories, original shows, breaking news, etc

  • Snap Map

Live stories, location, hang out places can be simply tracked through the application

  • Memories

The free cloud storage makes the users relive the memories, and share the same after editing and adding filters

  • Friendship Profile

Each friendship has its own profile that is between the two people who are sharing the friendship and contains all the details since the inception of friendship on Snapchat

Best Snapchat saver Apps

The Snapchat saver app is a boon to the users of Android and iOS technological advancement. This mobile app provides to edit photos and discover videos on the smartphone. This application is designed to encourage the user’s interaction and to obtain live updates. However, this is available only for a shorter duration of time.

Some of the best Snapchat saver apps are mentioned below:

1. Snap Save

This Snapchat saver app captures video snaps and screenshots anonymously. The application has a feature to have video records and screenshots of the same session through a simple and user-friendly interface. The application is popular among a number of users for its autosave option while chatting with other people. Registration or login is not required for using this app. Also, one can use the app anonymously.

2. Snap keep for Snapchat

This application is designed for iPhone users. The app assists the users to upload the videos and photos of other users even without them knowing about it. The app also saves videos and photos for future reference and remembers passwords if required. There is no lengthy process to use the application. One can simply download it from the official website and start using all the functions and features.

3. Save Story

Save story is stated as one of the best screen recorder and screenshot apps that performs well with a non-rooted mobile phone. All the screenshots that are captured are saved automatically to the gallery of the phone. No notification is ever sent when the screenshot is saved. The app works very fast and can capture images even from the recorded videos. Also, the videos can be recorded with audio. Using the application is very simple. The user only needs to download the application from the link and start using it. There is no requirement for login or registration.

The fun-filled application is very popular and loved by its users. Stories can be read and edited for 24 hours on the app.

4. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder offers a number of features and is specially designed for iOS. Snapchat can be sent to others without the knowledge of the user and without sending any notification. It lets the users share multimedia messages privately, live video chatting, creating bitmoji Avtar and emoji, multitasking of short videos, and many more such features for a temporary period. 

5. Snap Stories Downloader

Snap Stories is a phenomenal application that lets the users download videos and pictures from Snapchat that get saved directly to the gallery of the device. The application however works anonymously. The application is easy and simple to use and has innumerable functions to explore. The quality of the application is highly appreciated by most users. The application has a unique feature of recording videos even while playing games. The application can be easily downloaded on a smartphone. The installation process is also very simple and the latest version has a lot to explore. 

6. Snap Grab Screenshot tool

This tool lets the user download the screenshots and get them saved directly to the gallery of the device. It should be noted that the screenshots are saved secretly and no notification is sent to the sender. The Android version has innumerable features and has a lot of functions to explore into snap chat. The autosave feature performs simultaneously with the chat options. This application is preferred by the users for its long-term values and benefits.

Snap Grab Screenshot tool can be used by downloading on the device and not bringing it into the knowledge of the other persons or users.

7. Snap Save for Snap Chat

A number of screenshots pertaining to pictures, games, videos, gifs, chats, and photos can be taken through this staggering application. The app has a unique feature wherein the screenshots can be saved with the name and image within the app itself. This makes it convenient to manage records in an easy manner. The application can be downloaded from the official link and can be used with an unlimited number of downloads of videos, photos, screenshots, and many more. 

8. Private screenshots

The screenshots captured through this application are secured, safe, and are privately saved in a private folder app directory. The screenshots downloaded are directly saved and no notification is sent to the user. This app is popular for the security and privacy it offers to its users. The application is as simple to download and use and share photos, videos, and pictures anonymously.

9. SnapCrack free for Snapchat

This app is specifically designed for iPhone users and is normally used for saving and posting stories. The app supports photos as well as videos. The snaps are directly saved in the gallery of the device and no notification is sent to the sender. One can also draw, add or edit stickers to the picture. The photos saved directly in the gallery can be viewed and zoom in as required

The application can be easily downloaded and installed.

10. SnapBox

The application makes your memories more entertaining and adds fun to them. Saving the snaps is very easy and can be done by just opening the application and are saved directly to the gallery of the device. A collection of pictures is created automatically in the gallery and the same can be edited and decorated to add fun through the available tools. 

The application has a user-friendly interface and the same can be downloaded and started to use to have unlimited entertainment and fun.

Final Thoughts: Snapchat Saver Apps for Android and iOS

Almost all the Snapchat saver apps have a user-friendly interface to handle. Based on the operating systems, the application can be easily downloaded according to the requirements of the operating system. Also, most of the applications do not even require log-in and registration formalities. 

Unlimited pictures, photos, and videos can be downloaded even without any notification be sent to the sender. As per the needs of the user and after analyzing the requirements these applications can be downloaded and be used.

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