Best RTSP Viewers Softwares for Windows

Here are the Best RTSP Viewers for Windows!

First, let us see what is RTSP? RTSP stands for real-time streaming protocol. In entertainment and communications systems, the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a network control protocol designed to control streaming media servers, and many online video sites like YouTube use this protocol to deliver live video streams

This network control protocol establishes and controls the media stream between client devices and servers. In general, this protocol provides you with a live stream that makes it easy to access the surveillance system in a sophisticated way on your simple media player.

It allows you to control the live stream, and the media players provide additional functionality. It requires the IP address of the camera as well as a URL link to those cameras. The camera is simple to set up and can be customized to your preferences so that it is always available.

The media players serve as a catalyst in RTSP. They provide a smart and user-friendly interface. In the case of IP cameras, you can configure them with parameters such as model, IP address, port number, protocol, and so on. The software listed below includes options for viewing the live stream.

Here are the Top 8 RTSP Players for Windows

The following is a list of free and paid RTSP viewer software for Windows OS that can be used to record and save RTSP streams. Many of these also support other protocols, such as ONVIF, HTTP, MMS, UDP, and so on.

1. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is the most well-known media player that allows you to play various media files. The software’s function is to play physical media files as well as access RTSP live streams. The interface is simple to use and offers a variety of options. VLC media player takes up less space and has an easy-to-use interface.

To play an RTSP stream in the VLC media player, you must first navigate the Media menu and select the Open Network Stream option. Then navigate to the Network tab in the new dialogue window and enter an RTSP URL. Click Play to view the RTSP stream.

2. Real Player

RealPlayer is a well-known media player that is the first of many fishes. This software runs on both Mac and Windows. RealPlayer can also play RTSP video streams. Go to its File, Open File menu, and enter the RTSP stream URL to begin playing it. This media player includes all of the standard playback controls, such as a seek bar, volume control, a view window, and so on. The interface is simple to use, constructive, and has an appealing theme. RealPlayer is open-source software that is free to use and includes a variety of tools.

3. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the operating system’s default media player. This software supports RTSP live streams in addition to audio, video, and playlists.

In Windows Media Player, how do I play an RTSP stream?

To begin, press the Alt key and navigate to File > Open URL. Just enter the RTSP connection string and press the play button. You will be able to view the RTSP stream and control its playback.

Although it is a useful RTSP viewer for Windows, it is not ideal. The only drawbacks to this offer are that it does not always support the link. Windows Media Player is a built-in media player that comes with every Windows operating system software and has a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

4. Perfect IP Camera Viewer

Perfect IP Camera Viewer is the name of the software, which indicates that it is a camera viewing software available only for the Windows operating system. It is also compatible with the RTSP streaming protocol, as well as the HTTP and ONVIF protocols.

First, you must find a network connection, then manually enter IP Camera specifications such as model, IP address, port number, and so on, or you can directly enter stream path. Easy-to-use features make this interpreter user-friendly. Perfect IP Camera Viewer is free and open-source software.

5. ContaCam

ContaCam is a dedicated camera surveillance system software that is lightweight and simple to use. The primary goal of the software is to provide you with the tools you need to control the RTSP view of the live stream. You only need to enter the camera’s IP address and URL.

The interface is simple to use and includes a user navigation module. ContaCam is only available for the Windows operating system and open-source software, both of which are free to use.


PMPlayer is a straightforward media player that can play real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) files. The software is only available for the Windows operating system and includes a number of exciting features. The software allows you to play your local media files as well as the RTSP live stream.

Additionally, it includes an IP camera and additional media sources. The interface is simple and user-friendly and includes features that increase user satisfaction. Upon connecting, it prompts you to enter your username and password to access the live stream. PMPlayer is simple to use, free, and open-source software.

7. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a high-quality media player for Windows. It allows you to play various video and audio formats, both common and uncommon. It can also play YouTube videos. It can also be used as an RTSP viewer because it allows you to play RTSP streams.

To play an RTSP stream in this free media player you have to navigate to the Live module of 5KPlayer after it has been launched. Now, in the ‘Input a URL’ search bar, enter the RTSP stream URL and press the Play button. You can now watch an RTSP stream with basic playback controls such as pause, stop, play, next, previous, seek bar, and so on. It also allows you to rotate the screen, take screencaps, and so on.

8. RTSP Camera View

RTSP Camera View is a portable RTSP viewer for Windows that is free to use. You can use it to play multiple RTSP streams at the same time. When you launch this software, it will display some sample RTSP streams. You can change the streams or create new ones.

You can create a new camera window or select an existing one and adjust its settings from the left panel. There are several options you can set in the source, such as the camera name, RTSP connection string, aspect ratio, and inheritance option. The setting tab allows you to configure matrix dimensions (the number of cameras displayed on the screen), add alert controls, and customize camera name displays. Full-screen mode lets you see a specific website.

Installation Guide

How to Install RTSP Viewer on Windows Using an Android App Player like BlueStacks, Nox, KOPlayer, etc.

You will need an emulator that will emulate an Android device on your Windows PC, and then you can install applications and use it as if playing on Android, but this runs on a PC, not a smartphone or tablet.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing RTSP Viewer Using BlueStacks
  1. BlueStacks can be downloaded and installed from
  2. Install the Bluestacks emulator and open it. You may need to wait for some time for the Bluestacks app to load. Bluestacks’ home screen should appear once it has been opened.
  3. Bluestacks already has Google Play Store installed. Locate Google Play Store on the home screen and click on the icon to open it. Depending on your account settings, you may have to login in order to access Play Store.
  4. In the search bar, type “RTSP Viewer.” Install “RTSP Viewer” from the search results by clicking the Install button.
  5. Once installed, click the “RTSP Viewer” icon on the home screen to begin using it; it will work flawlessly.
  • How to Install RTSP Viewer Using NoxPlayer on a Windows PC
  1. NoxPlayer can be downloaded and installed from The installation is simple to complete.
  2. When you open NoxPlayer after it has been installed,  Look for “RTSP Viewer” in the search results and click to install.
  3. You can also drag and drop the APK/XAPK installer file from this page onto the NoxPlayer home screen. The installation will take a few minutes. After a successful installation, “RTSP Viewer” will appear on the NoxPlayer home screen.


  • Can I connect an IP camera to my computer directly?

If you have a power supply for the camera and some basic setup skills, you can connect your IP camera directly to a PC via network cable.

  • How do I put RTSP to the test?
  1. Validation & Testing Your RTSP address
  2. Using VLC, navigate to the File > Open Network menu item to access your camera’s RTSP stream.
  3. Then, in the “URL” field, enter your RTSP URL and click the OPEN button.
  4. VLC will display the video stream in a new window once it has successfully connected to your camera stream.
  • Is it possible to play an RTSP stream with Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Winamp, and VLC Media Player are some of the free options available to PC users. Mac users can use the same programs to play RTSP streams, with the exception of WMP.  Each of these programs can open RTSP streams in the same way by connecting directly to the RTSP stream.

Conclusion: RTSP Viewers Softwares for Windows Free

You have now learned about various media players that allow you to play real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) files. Each one is lightweight, cross-platform, user-friendly, and robust, with unique features. So, pick yours and have fun streaming!

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