Best Port Forwarding Software for PC (Windows & Mac)

Check out the best Port Forwarding Software for your Windows PC and Mac!

What is Port Forwarding?

You must have heard about port forwarding while making video calls through Skype or playing video games through your personal computer. Port forwarding assists a person in improving the fun experienced by securing Internet connectivity. Mostly, people choose routers over modems because of safety issues. At this point, Port forwarding software has become an extremely crucial tool for getting rid of Internet-related topics. The most widespread problem that multiple people face while using routers includes stopping games between playing them. It leads to frustration among the players, causing them to look for port forwarding. Port forwarding Software allows its users to send communicative requests from one IP address and port number communications to another while the packets are busily transversing a networking gateway.

Port Forwarding, also called port mapping, allows computers in private networks to connect over the Internet with other public or remote computers or services. In port forwarding, we create a map between a router’s public, vast area network (WAN), internet protocol (IP) address, and a private, local area network (LAN) IP address for a device on that private network.

In simple words, Port Forwarding Software lets the information flow smoothly. In Total, there are more than 65000 different ports, but only 1000 are in use regularly. It is safe as long as you have a security firewall or a VPN connection on your computer or network.

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You can better understand these terms below:

Private LAN: it could be your home wi-fi, your office wi-fi, mostly requires a password.

IP address: every device like laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc., is assigned an IP address on that network through a process called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). That IP

Wide Area Network (WAN): is any network that extends over a large area.

Router: It is a device that forwards data packets between different computer networks. 

Best Port Forwarding Software for PC

To select port forwarding software from the list below, all you need to do is go through them and study the best one in detail. Some of the most widespread and best port forwarding software are below:

1. Port forwarding wizard for Mac

As clear from the name itself, this port forwarding wizard software for Mac is perfectly suitable for Mac OS. It is a tool or an application ideal for numerous Mac OS versions like a lion, snow leopard, et cetera. As soon as you enable the UPNP option inside your networking gateway, this software will communicate with your router using UPnP standard. To avail of all these services, all you need to do is configure your router, prepare the launching of the port forwarding wizard, and wait until the routers start detection. After completing the detection process, the port will automatically bring the required entries from the router and display them in front of you. Furthermore, this software allows adding more and more ports by just clicking on the add button. Another noticeable advantage of using this software is that it is accessible on every Windows version, whether Windows 85 or Windows 10.

All you need to do is fill in the required details like what you want to forward and details like the internal IP address.

2. UPNP portmapper

It is yet another admirable port forwarding software which you must go for. The users found it extremely easy to use. This software assists you in managing your local network UPnP-enabled routers. Also, with the help of port forwarding software, you can quickly look at, add, or delete posts whenever you need to do so. It also allows you to access various servers such as web, game server, SSH, or any other. This software will enable you to configure port forwarding with the web administration software and your networking gateway. However, it makes the process free from any hassle and increases convenience. It allows selecting an existing preset or creating a new one and adding a port mapping to your computer whenever you need to do so.

Moreover, this process includes the retrieving of IP addresses on its own. Therefore, the user need not take tension about adding them traditionally or manually. This software is also free of cost.

3. Portmapper

 If you are looking for another software that can assist you in port forwarding, you must go through port mapper software without thinking for a second. This software is yet another free-of-cost port mapping software that will assist you in forwarding any pert to any of the IP addresses. It also allows the monitoring of any port without the need for any effort. It is possible with the help of UDP and TCP connections. The software features the support of both these Connections. The user needs to pay attention to some basic steps before he or she starts enjoying the services of this software. The measures include selecting the port you want to map and then entering the entire URL of the webserver. You can also enter an IP address if you wish. But do not forget one thing: if you have a public server of FTP, the portmapper software will automatically block access from the IP address. Another noticeable advantage of using this software is that it is accessible on every Windows version, whether be it windows 85 or Windows 10.

4. Simple port forwarding

Simple port forwarding is software for port forwarding, which is designed for Windows system users especially. It allows the users to manage their router ports using this software. This software is available for all users without any expense. That is, free of cost, and the users can easily manage their router ports with the help of simple software for port forwarding.

You can go through the pro version of it as well as the free version. It depends on the choice and the need of the time. Do, you are free to opt for whatever you like; of course, the pro version of this software will let you enjoy more services than the free version. The pro version will make things much easier for you. If we talk about the present, this software supports more than 2500 routers at a time. Another essential feature of this software is that it supports multiple languages. It also supports more than 700 games as well as more than 50 languages. The inbuilt user interface allows users to convert network addresses into static ones by simply using the available router IP addresses. Moreover, it also assists in the changing of default DNS servers whenever needed.

RANKED: 5 Best Free Port Forwarding Software for Windows

  1. Simple Port forwarding 
  2. Port Mapper
  3. AUT APP
  4. UPnP Port Mapper
  5. PFConfig

Why should we use Port Forwarding software:

  1. Uninterrupted Connection- Port Forwarding Software allows the user to work without any interruption. Whenever we play online on our PC, do video calls, or configure torrent download clients in between, Port Forwarding Software is the solution if we face connection problems.
  2. Helpful for New and Inexperienced Users- When we run a program for data exchange with an external server is directly concerning the correct configuration of the router ports. Every router uses a different user interface with its configuration options and other ways to open the router’s ports. New and Inexperienced users get stuck with these types of problems than Port Forwarding Software.  
  3. Safe and Secure- Port Forwarding Software keeps unwanted visitors out. It adds a further layer of security against DDOS (Direct Denial Of Services) attacks as it requires an IP address and is directed to the correct port.
  4. It adds To Efficacy- Port Forwarding Software provides better networking between clients and their companies.
  5. Virtual Desktop- It helps users access their virtual desktops or VDI from any computer they need on-site. The virtual Desktop infrastructure uses server hardware to run desktop operating systems and software programs on a virtual machine. Virtual machine’s desktop programs can be accessed from any device, whether desktop or laptop or even mobile devices using a centralized server.
  6. Backups- It makes you able to access your backups from anywhere with an internet connection with proper authentication.
  7. CCTV and Security- business or residential, Factory or sites you can keep eyes on your place from any location. It makes your device easily accessible.
  8. Game Server-Port Forwarding Software term is not only common among workaholics but also helpful in gaming. Everyone gets irritated if any game they are playing gets stopped due to a bad internet connection

Wrapping it up: Port Forwarding software for PC

When selecting the most effective and efficient fast-forwarding software, the market surrounds itself with numerous options. All the port forwarding software above are free of cost for you. Also, they are way too easy to use as well. You can use them for port forwarding in whatever way. This software will remove all of your issues concerning the connectivity of the Internet with great ease. 

In simple words, Port Forwarding Software lets the information flow smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. 

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