Best Movie Collection Organizer Apps and Sites for Cinephiles

If you are a movie buff and want to organize your collection, we have listed the Best Movie Collection Organizer sites and apps that you can use for free!

With the advent of giant movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many others, it is getting increasingly difficult to manage the movies that you want to watch. That is because with so many choices just a click away, you feel lost and need your choices to be more organized so that you can fetch them based on different criteria. There is so much a movie organizer can do for movie lovers that it has become a necessity when one is swimming in a plethora of choices. 

There are many free movie cataloging services available in the market these days. Apart from keeping all your movie information in one place a movie collection organizer also helps you filter your list based on IMDB rating, genre, cast, etc. You can also derive different kinds of information about a movie like its director, plot, etc, from a single dashboard. 

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Benefits of a Movie Collection Organizer

If you want to sift through movies easily and choose the one you want to watch from a list consisting of your personal library, then a movie organizer is what you need. Here are some of the key benefits of using movie cataloging software:

  • It helps you organize all your favorite movies in one place.
  • A movie cataloging software can be used to filter movies based on different criteria like their IMDB rating, plot, cast, director, etc.
  • You can surf the web for information and also tag movies with a movie organizer.
  • The software will help you organize your movies in different categories on your DVDs, PC, VHS tapes, computer’s hard disk, and CDs.
  • It automatically gives you information from the internet about the movie.

Best Movie Collection Organizers

You don’t need to rummage through the internet to find out which movie collection organizers are the best from the wide range of movie organizers out there. We have curated a list for you to go through and decide on the one that suits your needs.

1. Personal Video Database

This is by far the best movie cataloging software in the market. It is effortless to browse and search for movie information since it directly integrates with IMDB. So you just need to search for a movie and all the information related to it like its cast, plot, etc. are pulled from IMDB and other DBs for your perusal. It also supports plug-ins so that you can extend its functionality. You can easily manage large movie databases with this software as it has an intuitive and easy-to-manage interface. It is packed with various sorting, filtering, and grouping features which make finding and watching a movie of your choice a breeze. Other useful features of the Personal Video Database are:

    • It has an in-built player so it plays movies directly inside the software.
    • It can show your detailed filmography of the entire cast of the movie you are watching.
    • You can download DVD posters and covers with this organizer.
    • Apart from English, it supports many different languages such as Russian, Dutch, German, etc.
    • It has plug-ins that can easily import or export movie data from various movie database sources.

2. Movie Collector

This is another excellent movie organizer which works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac systems. You can easily search for movies by their title using this software. Some of its amazing features are:

    • It has a scanner that can scan the barcode of our CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs to show other details of your disc.
    • You can also store a backup of your movie collection online by utilizing the CLZ (Cloud service feature) of the Collectorz movie organizer.
    • If you want to synchronize your collections across devices like your PC and Smartphone then you can easily do it with this software.

3. GrieeX movie organizer

With its straightforward interface, GrieeX is another amazing movie collection organizer. With this software, you can automatically import your movie collection by simply specifying a folder in the software. After you have imported your movies you can easily get their information from IMDB or TMDB with the use of this organizer. Below are listed some of its winning features:

    • It is the go-to software for synchronizing your collection between PC and Smartphone.
    • It supports many codecs and video file formats.
    • You could also export your movie collection in the form of an excel file.
    • It comes with an in-built media player.
    • You could also create your own movie rankings.

4. Ant Movie Catalog

Organizing your movies on CDs, DVDs, and tapes is pretty smooth with the Ant movie catalog system. It is freeware and gives you complete information about a movie by fetching various details like director, cast, country, category, producer, movie length, releasing year, etc. Here are some of its other cool and useful features:

    • It lets you import the list of movies from multiple sources like MS Access Database, CSV/Excel, Local Media Files, DVD Profiler (XML Report), etc.
    • You could also add movies manually by typing the movie title.
    • It has support for many languages including Bulgarian, Danish, Czech, Dutch, etc.
    • It gives you statistics in different graphical formats like pies, charts, etc.
    • You can store your catalog in different formats like binary or XML.

5. My Movie Manager

My movie manager is a freeware movie organizer which is extremely easy to use. It is open source and has the capacity to extract all the information related to a movie in one go. To know why it has made it to our list of best movie organizers, check out its features listed below:

    • It has to sort and filtering options with a simple UI which makes surfing for movies very straightforward. The various filtering options include genres, director, etc. Sorting of movies can be done based on IMDB rating, year of release, etc.
    • You could rate your moves from 1 to 10 with this software.
    • It allows you to scan your PC for movies to import.
    • This organizer gives you accurate information on the movie regarding its director, cast, year of release, plot, and many such details.

6. All My Movies 

Movie enthusiasts can download All My Movies on a 30 day free trial period to try out its superb features. This organizer has its individual online movie database called MOODb and the software is also integrated with IMDB. Amongst its many rich features, some of the top ones are:

    • When you search for a movie to add to their collection, the data related to the movie is automatically added from MOODb.
    • The organizer supports all video formats.
    • The program can track movies easily and give you information like which movies have been loaned or borrowed, etc.

7. Free MovieDB 

It has a user-friendly interface which makes organizing movies pretty simple. The software can automatically download movie information from IMDB as well as Let us take a look at its useful features:

    • You can export movie information in CSV, XML, and TXT formats.
    • It has support for 184 languages.
    • There is an automatic data backup feature in this organizer.
    • It automatically downloads movie covers and posters.

Conclusion: Best Movie Catalog App

Movie collectors have a hard time organizing their movies and watching a specific movie with just a few clicks. Movie organizers come in handy in this situation which lets you classify and categorize your movies in many different segments. We have provided a list of movie organizers in this article and hope that you can find the one you are looking for.

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