Best Apps to Download Movies for Free (Working in 2023)

Here are the Top Apps to Download Movies for Free on any device!

For most of us, watching movies for free is one of the best forms of entertainment to indulge in during our leisure times. But being restricted by what cable TV offers in movie choices or having to shell out monthly subscriptions for OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. is not something all of us would prefer to do.

Luckily, the entertainment market is now inundated with many applications to view free movies and TV shows which are also legal. The added advantage of these apps is that apart from viewing them online, you can also download movies from there to watch them offline at your pace. So grab any of these apps and watch your favorite movies when you are on the road or just need to while away the time waiting for someone in a cafe.

Best Free Movie Download Apps

Best Apps to Download Movies for Free

We have collated a list of the best apps that are available in the market right now for downloading movies for free. In this list, some apps provide direct download links while some of them provide a torrent link for which you would need to install a BitTorrent client on your device.

1. YouTube 

YouTube continues to be the biggest source of online videos on the internet. Now it has gradually started investing in new avenues for revenue streams and original programming. YouTube allows you to rent brand new movies but to your pleasant surprise, there are more than 350 movies on this platform that is free for streaming. One thing to note here is that YouTube is different from YouTube TV which is a platform for live TV streaming. So, if you are not keen on paying a premium to avail services of sites like Netflix and Hulu, then YouTube is the perfect place to look for movies.

    • The good thing about watching movies on YouTube is that you do not need any extra software to watch movies on it.
    • YouTube has a great collection of movies which includes some of the rare old movies that you can not find elsewhere.
    • YouTube has more than 350 movies in its kitty that are free to watch.
    • You get the reliability of YouTube’s interface while downloading movies from this app.
    • YouTube is also equipped with cross-device functionality so it can be used for downloading movies on iOS, Android, and PCs.
    • One caveat here is that to watch new or latest movies you need to pay some charge.

2. Bee TV 

To all you Netflix fans, here is an unlocked version of Netflix in the form of the Bee TV app. Bee TV is a free movie as well as TV shows downloader with an interface and search features similar to that of Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

    • To search for a movie or series that you are looking for you just need to type the name and it will give you a download link. You can then follow the link to download the video for free on your device. 
    • There are multiple download links for all the movies you search for so that you can select the desired size and quality.

3. The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive is a savior in many ways as it has a mission to give universal access to all sorts of information and knowledge on the web. You could even access blocked sites through this app or open offline sites. Using this app you can see how the website has evolved with time. 

    • You get a vast directory of movies on The Internet Archive across multiple genres.
    • The movies can be downloaded from anywhere in the world.
    • A couple of years back this platform only provided direct links for movie download but now you get torrent links to download movies.
    • The catalog on this site is growing continuously with new content getting added every day.
    • You can also create a virtual library card with this free movie download app which allows you to upload videos, grants you access to forums, lets you bookmark your favorite content, and much more.

4. Tubi TV 

If you are looking for movies and series and can not find them on Netflix, then Tubi TV is your godsend. Now you do not need to get annoyed over not finding that one favorite rare movie of yours on different platforms since the Tubi movie download app will give you what Netflix can not.

    • Tubi TV has a special category that is dedicated to content that is not available on Netflix.
    • Tubi TV has a wide range of movies that you can download on your Android device and watch in HD quality.
    • You will get movies on Tubi TV from the finest product houses, for instance, MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and more along with many Oscar award winning movies and TV shows.
    • The app’s collection is rapidly growing with new titles getting added to it weekly.
    • Tubi TV has many user-friendly features like you can bookmark a movie that you want to watch later. You could even create a personal queue of your favorite content.
    • You can watch the movies on bigger screens too with Tubi TV since it is compatible with a range of platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and Roku.
    • The movies are sorted into various genres for easy browsing such as horror, romance, comedy, action, drama, etc.

5. Cinema HD 

We all like to watch movies for free but are wary of the annoying popup ads that inundate most free movie streaming sites. But Cinema HD would pleasantly surprise you by providing HD quality content minus the intervention of popup ads. 

    • You can select the resolution of the video for download.
    • You get many foreign-language movies on this app along with subtitles.
    • It is not available on Play Store so you would need to download the APK file for Cinema HD to install it on your android device.

6. Vudu 

Vudu has made its way into the list of best apps to download movies for free with more than 100,000 titles.

    • It has fewer ads.
    • You can download content and watch it later even without the internet.
    • Vudu allows you to play your movies and TV shows on other devices and a bigger screen through the AirPlay feature.
    • You also get to watch your favorite movies in stunning 4K HD resolution.
    • Dolby Vision HDR is also available on Vudu which enhances your movie-watching experience.

7. Popcorn Time 

If you are used to downloading content on your phone via torrent links then you would certainly appreciate the Popcorn Time app. When you select a movie to watch on this app, it starts downloading it using the BitTorrent protocol.

    • You can share the downloaded content on this app with other users which gives a higher download speed.
    • It has a huge variety of movies and TV shows owing to the torrent feature.
    • Most of the content on this app is available in HD quality with subtitles for a large number of languages.

8. Crackle 

Owned by Sony, Crackle provides a great variety of movies and TV shows. 

    • It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with search features to quickly find your content.
    • You would need to sign up so that you can create watchlists and get to see content recommendations based on your choices.
    • It has impressive streaming as well as download speed. So, for those who do not like to sit and wait for a long time for their content to get downloaded, Crackle is the best pick.
    • You get classic moves on this app such as Nosferatu, Metropolis, Vagabond, and a lot more. Shows like Seinfeld, Sports Jeopardy, Firefly, are also available on this app.
    • Crackle also has its original shows and other TV shows and documentaries.
    • Crackle has a marvelous collection of cartoons for kids.
    • All the content is free though you get to pass through a lot of commercials to view your movie or TV show.
    • New films are added every month.
    • The video player also provides subtitles for a smooth watching experience.
    • An obvious plus point of Crackle is that it is available for both iOS and Android devices.
    • Due to license restrictions, you might find that some of the movies are blocked in your country but you can watch them through a proxy service or VPN. 
    • It has more than 100 legal movies for free streaming.

9. VidMate 

This is a free movie streaming and downloading app which has classics as well as most of the latest movies.

    • VidMate is undoubtedly one of the best amongst apps to download movies for free as it can integrate with a wide variety of services like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, and Instagram. This means you can download content from all of the apps listed here.
    • There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you are exploring this app; one is the selection of titles in VidMate is based on your region and second is that VidMate is not available on Google Play Store so you would need to download the APK file for this app and install it on your device.

10. Snagfilms 

You can watch movies and TV shows for free on any device (that supports iOS, like iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, etc.) with the Snagfilms app.

    • The Snagfilms catalog has more than 6000 popular movies and shows in various genres like horror, comedy, romance, documentary, thrillers, drama, family movies, cartoons, etc.
    • The app does not have the latest blockbusters but you can find many Indie award-winning movies here.
    • It is an easy-to-use app where you create an account and start browsing their video library.
    • It has a feature where you could add a movie you wish to watch in a queue.

11. PopcornFlix 

This one works on iOS platforms like iPhones, iPods, etc., and has thousands of movies that are neatly organized into popular genres.

    • You can find many uncommon genres also on this app like Western, specials, thriller, drama, documentaries, etc.
    • The content on Popcornflix can be viewed on WiFi as well as with mobile data.
    • You could select any quality of video ranging from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels resolutions.
    • One unique feature of Popcornflix is that users can download subtitles automatically. You just open the settings, select your language, font type, font size, font color, and style and the app will fetch subtitles from

12. Viki 

This free movie app is again for iOS devices that stream Hollywood movies and you also get movies from the Far East on this app.

    • You can watch movies of foreign languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, etc. on Viki along with embedded subtitles. 
    • Surprisingly this free app has no ads interfering with your movie watching sessions.
    • Apart from movies, the Viki app also has a plethora of other content like documentaries, and a large library of TV shows.

13. MovieBox Pro

The smooth UI with easy navigation of the Moviebox Pro app makes it a popular choice amongst apps to download movies for free. It is a feature-rich app that offers many user-friendly features at no cost. 

    • You get an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and also music with Moviebox Pro.
    • The content of this app gets updated regularly.
    • It has a search feature so just search for a movie you wish to watch and download it.
    • It indexes many torrent sites and clients for streaming movies and other content free.
    • You do not need to create an account and log in to avail MovieBox Pro services.
    • The app has no annoying ads.
    • It supports HD quality and you also get a choice of other resolutions for viewing the videos.
    • The content comes with subtitles.
    • Users will find the filter feature quite helpful to filter the selection based on genre, rating, year, and type.

14. Modbro 

This is another excellent app for streaming and downloading movies. Most of the content available on this application has high definition quality.

    • It has a reliable speed for both streaming and downloading movies.
    • It contains an enormous collection of free TV shows and movies.
    • You will find the content on Modbro organized really well with features of searching and filtering based on genre and language, making it extremely easy to search for any content on this app.
    • You would need to download the Modbro APK file to install it on your device.
    • The clean UI of this app does not crowd your screen.
    • The content is categorized based on themes like action, romance, comedy, etc.

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15. Megabox HD 

You will get a pretty useful application in Megabox HD which allows both online streaming or offline viewing of movies by downloading them.

    • The app has a huge collection of exclusive movies.
    • It is not available on the Google Play store so you would need to download its APK file and install it like any other application on your device.
    • Apart from Android devices, Megabox HD is also available for PCs running Windows or Mac operating systems that makes it possible to enjoy your favorite movies on a bigger screen.
    • You could create an account for free on this app and add the movies you wish to watch to your watchlist.

16. Movie HD 

This app is brought to you by the team of Sky HD and HD Cinema and hosts an enormous number of movies and TV shows, all for free viewing and downloading.

    • The app is designed and organized specifically to stream and download movies on Android devices.
    • All the content is free and you do not need to subscribe or sign up to watch any movie on this app.
    • It has subtitles for a better viewing experience.
    • It has no ads.
    • You do not need to register to use this app.
    • You can filter the content by year of release, genre, and rating.
    • It has a parental control feature so that you can block content you deem inappropriate for your kids to watch.
    • The interface is user-friendly.
    • It supports watching on a bigger screen using Chromecast, Fire Stick, and Fire TV.

17. iflix 

This is one of the best Android apps to download movies for free. The app is funded by ads and claims to be free forever.

    • Iflix allows you to stream content on two devices simultaneously.
    • It is easy to install iflix as it is readily available on the Google play store to download and install.
    • Most of the content on iflix is available in either 720 pixels or 1080 pixels resolutions.
    • You can use Chromecast with iflix to cast your content on bigger display devices.
    • The content on iflix is well organized into different categories depending on movie genre and language.
    • The app has a dedicated section for kids’ content and news.
    • You can set reminders for upcoming shows with this app.

18. ConTV 

ConTV is another app for Android as well as iOS devices that serves content in the app as well as its website.

    • The app has a massive collection of movies, comics, and TV shows. You could read comics of different genres with this app.
    • The movie genre includes Katana movies, anime, and Kdrama amongst many others.
    • You would need to sign up to enjoy the benefits of this app.
    • It has the capability of watching content on different platforms.
    • You can resume from where you left off.
    • You can also create a library of your favorite movies and TV shows.
    • Apart from Android and iOS devices, CONtv is also available for the iPod series.
    • It has Live TV streams that run 24X7.

19. TeaTV 

This is a well-organized app for free movies download.

    • It has different sections for various kinds of content.
    • You can create your personal watchlist for movies and TV shows that you plan to watch.
    • It contains a section where upcoming movies or episodes of a show are listed.
    • There is a separate section where you can see the movies that you have downloaded.
    • You can sync this app with Real Debrid, TrakTV, and Premiumize.
    • In this app, you will find a wide variety of customization options for subtitles where you can change font types, font size, and font color through settings.
    • A unique and desirable feature of this app is Safemode which blocks adult content when the mode is enabled. A very handy feature if your kids are also using the device and the app.
    • It has a search feature where you get search suggestions when you type in any letter.

20. MX Player 

This app was initially launched as a video player but has gradually become a full-fledged platform for video-on-demand by 2019. The app is supported by ads.

    • You can watch and download movies in twelve different languages on this app including English, Hindi, and Tamil.
    • It has a library of content of more than 150,000 hours.
    • It is also linked with many South Asian distributors which make movies free on this OTT platform.
    • MX Players has also started producing movies and shows and has made a niche audience for itself.
    • There are no payments or restrictions involved with this app and it surely counts amongst the best apps to download movies for free for both iOS and Android devices.
    • If subtitles are not available in the language that you are comfortable with then you can upload subtitles in different supported formats.
    • You can easily share content like movies, audio, and a few other file formats between different devices.
    • It has the new HW+ encoder which provides advanced hardware acceleration while watching movies and shows.

21. AnYMe 

This app is for the anime fans out there as this app allows you to watch anime movies for free.

    • You could either register for a new account or log in with your MyAnimeList account to start using this app.
    • You can search for any anime movies with the intuitive search feature of this app.
    • Once you get your anime movie listed in the search result, select the movie and move to the video tab of this listing. It will show your external link to download the anime movie.
    • You will not face any server-side buffering issues with AnYMe since many of the movies listed are hosted on various YouTube channels.

Conclusion: Best Apps For Free Movies Download

There is no dearth of apps to download movies for free in today’s times. But you might struggle to find a reliable app that lets you download your favorite movies for free. The list provided here will help you select an app that matches your needs.

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