Apps like Kik: Best Alternatives to Kik Messenger

Apps like Kik can be used as it’s alternative. Check out the list of all similar apps. It is about a time when we realize that Kik Messenger is not the most popular messenger app in today’s world. However, it doesn’t mean that the hype of Kik totally vanishes. There are thousands of active users of this app in North America and other parts of the world. Most of the users appreciate the anonymous chatting feature of this messenger app. They use Kik for PC and Kik for Mac using different methods. But at the end of the day, not everyone is using it or likes to use it as its primary chatting app to connect with their friends and family. In this post, we cover the best alternatives to the Kik app.

apps like kik

Apps Like Kik you can Download

1. WhatsApp messenger

When we talk about apps like Kik, our first answer is WhatsApp. In the current market, it is the most popular and dominating chatting app beating every other competitor. Statistically, more than 900 million people are using this app every month make it the topmost messaging app. Other than messaging, the app offers various other features. It includes some excellent features such as sending audio messages, images, videos, and much more to your friends and relatives. Overall, it is an amazing replacement for Kik Messenger.

2. Viber

Next on our list is another popular app among Internet users, Viber. It is somewhat similar to WhatsApp as it uses your phone number to create an account instead of signing up with a new combination of username and password. You can chat, share media such as images, videos, and much more with your loved ones via Viber. Well, the only condition to do all this is that the other person must be on Viber to receive your message. If you wish to contact people who do not have Viber then you can use its service known as Viber Out. However, you will have to buy its subscription.


The primary idea behind LINE was not making it a global app as it began as a small messaging app famous among the people of Asia. However, the success was destined as it quickly became one of the most popular messaging apps just like Kik. Unique and funny pictures are the best part of this app and you will surely enjoy using them in your daily conversations with the close ones. Also, many celebrities are using this app and you may find your favorite celebrity on this app. Hence, you can connect with them via LINE for free.

4. Hangouts

Another app that you can use in place of Kik is Google’s own messaging app, Hangouts. It is one of the fastest means to stay close to your friends and family. You can chat with them in an effective manner by making the use of different emojis as well as stickers. Also, a video call is possible in Hangouts and it is not limited to a single person. However, there is only one drawback of this app that it is available on limited platforms. If it was available on every platform then it had a chance to be the best messaging app in the world.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is the app of the next generation. As the name says, it is a bit different from a typical go-to messaging app as you can talk with your friends and close ones with the help of images. You can capture an image or a video and then send it to your friends. It is a new medium to talk with your family and friends without keeping a record of them as the message disappears as soon as the recipient reads the message. Snapchat is a blessing if you are a private concern person. Even many other messaging apps have started copying some features of Snapchat but originality is always preferred.

Conclusion: Apps like Kik

As you can read, there are some solid alternatives for Kik messenger. If you are not down with Kik, then you can surely try one of these apps and use it as your primary messaging app to stay in touch with your close ones. Every app has some exclusive features which make it look different from others. Also, these apps like Kik are considered amazing and brilliant in doing their job. So, try them all and keep the one which suits you and your need.

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